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Spring 2012 Semester…

By Sherry [Mia], May 3, 2012 0 Priest, Real Life, Screenshots, WoW

[warning]Warning: Excessive use of happy faces ^_^. It’s a happy post though![/warning] Hello All, I am very happy to report that I finished this year’s Spring Semester classes with ALL A’s! I was paranoid a bit with Humanities on whether or not I was going to get an A in the class. I was 0.8 points away from dropping down an overall A in the class into a B+. Luckily though, I did enough studying to get a B+ on my Final which made me keep my A! Woot! ^_^ My Math Final was a bit surprising. No matter what… Read More »

Time Goes By So fast…

By Sherry [Mia], May 1, 2012 1 Priest, PvE, Real Life, Screenshots, WoW

Hello Everyone! So this week is the last week of school, and then I’ll be off for 3 months. In about 4 weeks, I’ll know whether or not I got into my Medical Coding/Billing program. It depends if I get accepted into the program, whether or not I take classes in the Fall. Today, I am studying for my Humanities Final tomorrow, and I finally was able to make it into the ‘A grade’ bracket! Hopefully, I will do great on this final to keep my ‘A’. I also haven’t been playing World of Warcraft as much as you can… Read More »

By Sherry [Mia], April 1, 2012 2 Games, Real Life, Screenshots, WoW

Hello All, Quick post. It was my 24th Birthday yesterday. I didn’t do much. One of my best friends in High school, Damian gave me one of my favorite games of all time for my birthday. KINGDOM HEARTS!!! I also have KINGDOM HEARTS 2! ^_^  This past week was our Spring Break and I’ve been trying to enjoy it. Tomorrow, it’s back to class. Ugh…I don’t want to. On the bright side, my husband got his Beta invite for Mists of Pandaria. I have yet to actually play on his account, but based on the videos that I’ve seen. The… Read More »

The Break of Heroes…

By Sherry [Mia], March 12, 2012 0 BoHvXv, Dark Tendencies, PvE, WoW

Hello All, So things have been a bit crazy in the game of World of Warcraft. The horde guild that I love so much is falling apart by the day. I know that Blood of Heroes vXv has been through a lot in the past 6 years and I’ve only been a member for the past 2 years, but this time I am worried. If you have read my previous post, you would know a little bit about the Dwarven Brotherhood guild. As much as the majority of the members in Blood of Heroes would like to assume the foundation of… Read More »

To Transfer or Not?…

By Sherry [Mia], March 3, 2012 0 BoHvXv, PuGs, PvE, PvP, Screenshots, WoW

Hello All, I’ve been playing WoW a little bit more, even though my classes are stressing me out royally. I recently got one of my friends into playing WoW, and so we’ve been playing on Stormreaver-US as Alliance. A little backstory because I’m pretty sure I have never mentioned it before: My server [Archimonde] has been struggling with a low population. Back in the days of Classic, Archimonde was a high population server. It’s very hard to see it at the low population status now. With the Low Population, this means that raiding guilds are struggling to recruit new members,… Read More »

Getting Used to New Technology…

By Sherry [Mia], February 23, 2012 0 Real Life, Screenshots, WoW

Hello All, So I am still getting used to my new laptop. It feel very weird to be able to play WoW on Ultra settings. Almost like it was too good to be true. It definitely feels like a whole new game, so I’ve been doing a bit of exploring in World of Warcraft. Seeing things in a new light. I’ve added a couple of pictures, and some of the pictures you’ve seen before. But You can kind of see the difference between the pictures. BEFORE: Elemental Plateau, Nagrand Granted that the Before picture of Elemental Plateau was taken during… Read More »