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“You’re always tired…”

By Sherry [Mia], November 17, 2011 0 Alts, BoHvXv, Priest, PvE, Random, Real Life, Shaman, Verbal Hodgepodge, WoW

Hello Everyone, I’m writing this post because it’s been brought up by many of my friends and family members. Yes, I’m 23 years old. I am at the age where I am suppose to handle anything, and have loads of energy. Yes, I am a mother of a 3 year old; but he doesn’t wear me down. On Tuesday, my guild in World of Warcraft created a 25 man raid. So what, right? Well, I missed that raid. Why? Because I fell asleep. At this point, you’re thinking “Oh I’ve done that before.” or “There’s always next week.” Here’s the… Read More »

Pen Collecting…

By Sherry [Mia], November 16, 2011 2 Random, Real Life, Verbal Hodgepodge

Hello Everybody, So I was looking at, because I was comparing prices for hosting to GoDaddy. I found a blog that had a post about her pen stealing habits. Well, I have a confession. I don’t steal pens, but I do collect them. I honestly don’t remember when my pen collecting started, but I did notice it being a problem in High School. I would find pens abandoned, and they still worked! So I would keep them. I guess in a way, it is stealing… Where did it all start? – I think my pen collecting habit started when… Read More »

Shared Topic: Bringing back Changes…

By Sherry [Mia], November 14, 2011 8 Hunter, Priest, Shared Topics, WoW

Hello Everyone, So ever since I started blogging about WoW, I joined a WoW Blogger community called “BlogAzeroth.” I have met a bunch of people through the BA forums, and I wish there were more hours in the day for me to visit the BA site more often. They have a few events that you can participate in. One of which is the “Shared Topic”, where members can suggest a topic to write about, and share it with the community. Not only am I participating in this week’s Shared Topic; but I also am the one who suggested it. My… Read More »

Shared Topic: Pandaren Class?

By Sherry [Mia], November 13, 2011 3 Alts, PvE, Shaman, Shared Topics, WoW

Hello Everyone, So I decided to take a shared topic from BlogAzeroth suggested from the author of Amerence Love WoW, Amerence: Hi guys, Thought to share this idea about knowing What class are you playing with the new race Pandaren on the new upcoming expansion (Mists of Pandaria)?. I know most players are excited to role as a Monk, but there are lots of options to choose from, Are you going to be a Pandaren healer, melee, caster dps or a tank? Please share your thoughts! Thanks! Depends on Character slots – I just wish Blizzard would already show the Female… Read More »

Looking back at Hosting…

By Sherry [Mia], November 10, 2011 2 Real Life, Website

Hello Everyone, So I just got done moving all my files from my old free hosting provider to a paid hosting provider. Why from free to paid? Well, let’s go over the history of my blog for a bit that lead me to my decision. BlogSpot – I originally made a blog on Blogspot, and that’s where my blog stayed for a few years. Then it got to be where I was doing Tutorials, Videos, and Art projects. I couldn’t fit all this stuff onto BlogSpot, and make the coding work for me. Also some of the plugins did not work…. Read More »

Preparing for a Huge Transition…

By Sherry [Mia], November 8, 2011 2 Real Life

Hello Everyone, So the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve been looking at child care centers for my son, and getting ready for the next semester at my college. After much discussions with my husband, I have become a bit emotional about having my son going to a child care center. Parental Anxiety – I will be the first to admit that I have anxiety issues. It’s worst when it comes to my son. I cringe at the thought of someone watching my son. I don’t even like my in-laws to watch him. It’s not that I don’t trust them…. Read More »