Over 4700 GS!

Hello All :D
My husband let me sleep in today so I feel a little more perkier. Still tired though…but I made it! I collected 189 Badges for all the gear I want to hopefully get a gearscore of 4600. Well, I got over 4700 gearscore on my druid and only needed 184 triumph badges! I know I said about 200 triumph badges but I like rounding stuff off. I know 184 is usually 180…but I just said 200 badges (haha it’s not badges but emblems! I cannot get over that). WOOT! Hopefully, my guild will let my druid join them for ICC 10 on Tuesday. I’m really hoping they will. I replaced my crafted boots and got some PvP boots with the honor I collected from Stone Keeper Shards. I know I lost spirit but I figured it wasn’t bad to lost that much spirit when you have over 2200 Spell power in Tree Form. Especially since it is an ‘slight’ upgrade. I do need to run at most 7 more heroics to get enough badges for another ring. This blue ringI have is the only blue I have left to replace. I do have one problem now…or at least I think I do…I’ll explain later on.

*My druid is Miadruid. The other resto druid is number 1 on healing.*

So I just ran heroics and got my new gear. Husband enchanted & Gemmed them all out. I also did Zul’Gruub yesterday for the mounts for my husband’s mount achievement. They didn’t drop :( Oh well. After doing ZG, my husband wasn’t in the mood to play WoW. So I figured I’d do some PvP before heading for bed…then I saw in Trade Chat they needed 1 more healer for 25 Trial of the Crusader. HECK YA I’LL GO! So I joined, lost a healer, got my hubby in because there was NO shamans. An abundance of druids though. This was the first time I actually got to heal in a raid and there was another resto druid who was slightly less geared than me. Now for my problem…I felt like I was doing a horrible job at healing because he was killing me in the healing meters. He was top healing as well as top overhealing. I thought his over healing was WAY too much (compared to other healers) for people especially Tank to die as much as they did. Out of 4 druids including me would use our battle rezes at least once in a boss fight. Then again, I could’ve been doing a horrible job and that’s why people were dying.

I saw he was mainly doing Rejuv & Wild Growth which I tried to do for the Twins Fights and he still killed me on the healing meters. He was putting twice as much Rejuv & Wild Growth as me. As much as I feel like I did a horrible job healing…I kind of don’t. The same resto druid was going oom constantly. Always asking for an innervate when the fights were not halfway over. I never used a innervate…not once. For that reason alone, I feel confident on my healing. I was mainly focused on tank healing because Tanks seems really squishy and I’ve never seen a tank battle rezzed so much even back in 40 man raids. I would do ALL my HoTs including 3 stacks of Lifebloom, which I’ve been told is not mana efficient. Rejuv, Regrowth, 3 Stacks of Lifebloom, Wild Growth and spamming Nourish was not enough to keep my mana from going down. So I don’t really know if I was doing a horrible job or if the other resto druid was spamming Rejuv & Wild Growth for idiot-proof Top healing, like Resto Shamans just spamming Chain Heal. I did get to have a talk with him after the raid and he said I was doing things wrong according to the website ‘ElitistJerks‘ druid forums. How can I be healing wrong on a resto druid if I know the heals are going to people I know need it? and he’s not healing blindly?

Tonight I plan on running more heroics and possibly talking my raid leader into doing ICC rep runs for our alts. That’s about it. I don’t plan on doing any heroics…but I’ll mostly likely will. The gear I have now is the best I can basically do until ICC 10. There’s hardly any leather items out there that have spell power on them. It’s mainly for Rogues or Feral Kitties. Sorry to cut this post short, but my son keep pulling on my shirt like “mama! Play with me!” so I’m going to spend time with him.



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