Only one more to go!

Hello All!

I just recently got my mage to level 58. I just need to get my paladin as close to level 60 as possible and I’ll be done with Leveling toons! At least until I actually feel the need to get another 80. I’ve lost my interest in my 80 druid and found love with my warrior. My warrior is now my most geared toon with a gearscore of 4900, her DPS set is 4500. I tanked the first boss in Icecrown Citadel for my raid weekly last weekly. I’m hoping to do an ICC 10 before Tuesday’s maintanence. Friday is the last day of my ‘Recruit-a-friend’ benefits so Triple experience will be gone. I only have my paladin left to level so I’m in no rush. I am not going to level a rogue. There’s just too many on my server that I actually hate the class. 

I just got asked by a 74 deathknight if I would lend him 100g for his flying mount, I didn’t say No. I did give him a hard time though:

DK: “Can I lend 100g from you?”
ME: “for?
DK: “Flying Mount
ME: “Do you have another toon that is level 80?
DK: “Not on this server
ME: “well, you can’t use a flying mount until you are level 77 UNLESS you have a level 80 toon to buy a book to train it at level 70.
DK: “Not cold weather flying. I can’t fly at all. I just need the mount, I’ve already trained
ME: “I’m saying that if you are level 74 and can’t use it, what good is it?
DK: “For Hellfire and stuff
ME: “Why would you go to Hellfire at level 74 to quest or even Outlands for that matter?
DK: “I just need help. I don’t need this. Leave me alone plz
ME: “Ok. Sorry if I upset you. Have fun in the game. I’m just saying that if you’re going to ask someone for gold, ask for what you NEED. Not what you want. Right now, you don’t NEED a flying mount

haha. I didn’t think I was being mean to him. Just stating some facts and I thought it was funny. To be honest, I probably would’ve just given him the 100g because I know it can be hard starting out on a new server. It’s not hard as a Deathknight, but I had 100g to spare for someone who NEEDS it. Anyways…Thursday, we are taking Logan to see Nick JR’s Storytime Live and I am super excited to see if he will enjoy it! :) Been having dreams about baking…cakes and cupcakes. I suppose watching ‘Cake Boss’ and ‘Cupcake Wars’ before bed doesn’t help. They just look soooooo freaking good to eat :) 

Well, that’s about it. I’m off to work on my DPS gear on my warrior. 



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