Only 2 more toons to go!

Hello All,
   I pretty much got my hunter to level 60 the other day and started working on my mage. My mage and Paladin are the only toons left that I need left to get to level 60. I got my warrior to level 69 and enjoy questing and tanking dungeons with her. I love killing things while I am protection spec. I’m honestly thinking about switching my main from my druid onto my warrior. My husband has many crafted  items for my warrior for when she hits level 80. Only the more reason for me to switch! MUAHAHA! Speaking of which, my hubby has really been enjoying himself with my account. I logged onto my druid the other day and found my Jewelcrafting to be at 400 skill. Normally, it wouldn’t surprise me…but my hubby doesn’t play as much as he used to AND he doesn’t have the gold to spend it on multiple professions! let alone power level them. On top of leveling my toons, I’ve been watching episodes of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ from DvDs that we rented from Blockbuster from beginning to end. I would like to announce that my favorite character would have to be Toph Bei Fong. No surprise there! She’s awesome and kicks butt. 

well, it’s off to Blockbuster to rent Book 3: Volume 3 &4 of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ ALMOST DONE with the series! Woot! I absolutely love the last couple episodes of this show ^_^



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