Old Guild & Friends

Hello All!
Sorry I haven’t been writing posts as much. I’ve been busy getting ready and playing as much WoW as I possibly can before our little week long trip. I left my bank guild, ‘Go Farm Yourself’ on my priest to join a guild that I was in when I started playing World of Warcraft. This guild [Blood of Heroes vXv] was very nice to me when I first started playing and some of my old friends throughout the years that I thought quit the game are in it. I don’t really plan on being on the core raid group, but I’ll just be the standby person. I did another ICC 25 gDKP with my friend, Krazor. I didn’t win anything…again. I know eventually I will though. It’s only a matter of time before NO ONE will outbid me. I lost the heroic version of ‘Althor’s Abacus‘ to a hunter who bidded 8K gold for his druid buddy. I was the ONLY one who needed it too! Next week, it will be mine! (if it drops, that is.) I also did an alt run of ICC 25 on my warrior with my new guild. My 5K GS tank warrior with a 4600 GS off spec. She was also missing some gems in a couple of pieces because they are haste pieces…I need armor penetration pieces. Also, it’s an off spec so I never took the time to actually gem them out. I was beating a 5100 GS ret paladin on damage. I felt really special :D The healing trinket dropped in there too. It was adding Salt to the wound!
I also got my ‘medallion of the horde‘ trinket to make my priest’s PvP set at 1144 resilence and this made me want to do some 5v5 arenas with some of my best friends. We did arenas [under the name ‘Holy Sheet Stain’] really late where only three teams were queuing up. We did a total of 14 matches before calling it quits at 2am in the morning. It was just a hilarious time. We currently have a resto shaman, resto druid, Discipline priest, Arms Warrior, and a Ret paladin on our team. Yes, 3 healers! It was pretty cool and we only lost about 6 of our matches going against this one very hurtful caster team. We got our rating to 384. I just need to do the ‘Random Battleground Daily’ and I should have enough arena points come Tuesday for my ‘Relentless Chest Piece‘! I’m super excited! My next piece will probably be Legs from Frost Badges.
So far, I’m loving the new guild. I am still getting used to seeing people and socializing with them. I’m also still trying to get used to not being able to deposit and take stuff out of the guild bank. I am sooo hating that right now. People in the guild are nice and remind me a lot of my old guild, Undying. I hope I stay in this guild for a while. Now, I am off to do some Alterac Valley before bed. I am LOVING this honor and have even skipped on some Wintersgrasp because of how much honor I gain in Alterac Valley. I just wish the queue times would make up their minds. Tired of waiting 1 minute queues, do a battle, then leaving to wait in a 20 minute queue.


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