No to Cali Trip :(


Ok I’m really bummed on about the Cali Trip. I really wanted to see my family and friends. Basically what happened is:

My brother called me and said “you should could come visit. I could pay for Michael’s ticket and Mom can pay for you and Logan’s”. I called my mom after talking to my brother to see if she would agree to that. After about a week or so of constantly checking to be sure that she is ok with that agreement. My mom would pay for Logan’s and My ticket and my brother would pay for Michael’s. She kept agreeing to that agreement. I was willing to ride 8-hour plane ride with Logan who is 11 months old and see my family. I gave up my plan to go to St. Augustine with my in-laws in order to see my family. Anyways, I was sooooo excited for the trip. Michael and I had it planned to rent a car so we didnt have to rely on my family for transportation. I found out the other day that Logan doesnt have to have a ticket BUT he would have to sit on my lap. If we wanted him to use his cat seat, my mom would have to pay $280 for Logan’s ticket to reserve him a seat. I told my mom this as soon as I found out.

Yesterday, my brother gave me a call to say that my mom would ‘prefer’ to pay for my ticket only. I understand that she has bills to pay…if she couldn’t afford it, she should’ve said something. So we are not going NOT because she didnt pay for Logan’s ticket. I understand that the trip was kind of sudden to plan and it is a lot of money to spend. We just decided that it would cause less stress, less problems, and is easier if we saved enough of our own money to go see my family in Cali. My dad even offered to pay my mom $280 so Logan can have his own seat, and we can see my family. I declined that offer because I would have a horrible time knowing my dad paid my mom $280 just for me. Well that’s the story.

I’m gonna go because Logan is calling me. laters



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