No Gamo?!

Hello All!

Well, I didn’t do much so this will be a short post. I ran my daily random with a couple of guildies. I only took one screenshot yesterday with all my WoW adventures yesterday. It took forever to kill the first boss in Old Kingdom. Actually, we wiped. Yes! DPS sucked that we wiped on that boss with only about 5K HP left. After that, we didn’t wipe BUT came close to it on the last boss. I also ran enough heroics to get a new DPS ring for my kitty set :D

*click for larger image*

I also did enough heroics and weekly raids to get my new boots! Woot! I was able to get them made before our Icecrown Citadel 10 last night even though we got a late start to it. Instance server was acting goofy and not letting us zone into the instance. We didn’t get started till about 2 1/2 hours laters. We killed Saurfang and cleared to Festergut all within 3 hours (usually we’re AT Saurfang at the 3 hour mark). I felt like I really accomplished something yesterday ^_^. Not only did I get my new boots made, I also won 2 new belts! (Healing & Feral DPS) AND I was top healer through out the whole time we raided. I dominated the healing charts and wasn’t doing horrible at overhealing :D */dance* The best part? No Gamo! We didn’t invite him and got a warlock instead. I hope we keep this warlock in our core raid because he ended up passing on loot and not being greedy (not like Gamo). It’s not that Gamo was just greedy, but he would also rub it in your face by saying your piece of gear was a piece of crap (not the term he would use). You just don’t do that to other guildies especially if it’s NOT worthless but actually pretty good.

After the raid, I did the weekly raid on my druid and was called a R-tard for dying to Malygos in Phase 3:
1) First of all, I’m a healer! I cannot see the darn static stationary ball with a bunch of red dragon wings covering it up.
2) Second, I see other people’s health NOT mine (well, I see it but it’s not in my mind set).
3) Third, I couldn’t exactly drop because other people have left AND it was the darn tank. So I just took it with no complaining other than “Why do you have to add R-tard to that sentence? Totally Unnecessary!”
I was done with WoW for the night. I can’t stand it when I am not able to say something in my defense without making it sound even worse. It didn’t help that I zoned into Oculus rather than Eye of Eternity. Talk about ruining my night and moment of being an awesome healer in ICC 10 T_T. Nonetheless, I eventually calmed down about it and pally Tank…you can suck on a my tree stump. Blah…

OH OH OH! Another thing I did yesterday? I set up my own weekly 3 Drake zerg of Obsidian Sanctum 10 for tonight! Yea, not really a big thing but it is when you’re usually this quiet druid that the only time she’s EVER led a raid was ZG back in Classic? I didn’t do a good job with that raid. I plan on making it a weekly raid and hopefully onto a 3 Drake zerg 25. *crosses fingers* Of course, I would want it to be with regulars rather than pugging it. I’ll most likely will have to pug SOME people for the 25 man. Ok, now that I thought about it…it’s not going to happen. I don’t think I’ll have the patience or the nerves to explain to and make a 25 man raid.

*/sigh* Maybe someday…till then I’m going to get a cup of coffee.



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