NightBot Commands

*** Please be patient. This page is still under construction. You can also read the documentation here.***


To edit a command in chat

When you are in the middle of a live stream, it can be difficult to edit commands through the main NightBot dashboard. Type out the below command in chat to edit a specific command. This command is also helpful for moderators who do not have access to your NightBot dashboard. 


!command edit command name command response

So for example to edit the !fistbump command, you would type !fistbump for the command name while you would type /me fistbumps someone for the command response


To set up a win counter for multiple games

This is helpful when you want to reflect a number for multiple elements. You will need two separate commands which are shown below. The first command is set up to show your viewers in chat the actual win count for each separate element without editing the command itself, while the second command is set up to edit the first command accordingly. I know it sound confusing but bare with me.

First command is listed below:

!commands add !wins Streamer has won 0 times in game A and 0 times in game B.

Second command is listed below:

!commands add !setwins -a=!commands edit !wins Streamer has won $(1) times in game A and $(2) times in game B.

Now let’s test it out!
In your chat, type !setwins 36 20 
Press Enter.
You should get a confirmation from NightBot stating the !wins command has been updated. 

Now type !wins

NightBot should show in your chat:
Streamer has won 36 times in game A and 20 times in game B.