Nick JR Storytime Live

Hello All!

I had the best time at the show! We had my mother-in-law drop my husband, son and me in front of the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center thirty minutes before the show started. I swear I was not used to being surrounding by kids everywhere I turned. I accidentally elbowed a little girl after paying $13 for a Ming-Ming Beanie Baby for Logan. I felt really bad but it was an accident. We got to sit right in the middle on the orchestra floor. It was the perfect seats :) Logan laughed, danced and enjoyed the show. The costumes for the show could’ve been better but I imagine that the costumes were designed to be easy for the actors to dance in but still working towards the original appearance. I absolutely love the Wonder Pets puppets and puppeteers. Everyone in the show really did a great job when it came to interacting with the audience and voice matching to their character. Even with the intermission, the show was only about 1 1/2 hours total. Think my favorite part was definitely the Wonder Pets Segment. The puppets are just too cute. Great Job.

Now I’m just really tired. haha. I got my stamina trinket from Frost Badges. I did my raid weekly which was killing Ignis in Ulduar. My paladin is level 43. My ‘Recruit-a-friend’ benefits of 300% experience end tomorrow. I have to get my paladin to at least level 58 before then, which shouldn’t be too hard…HA! Actually, it might. Considering the fact that being sleepy isn’t helping. Tomorrow, I have to do some cleaning because I did NOTHING this week so cleaning needs to be done as much as possible tomorrow. I definitely now in the mood to watch some Musicals…maybe next time, I’ll rent ‘The Producers’ with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane or maybe the one with Gene Wilder. Hmm…we’ll see.



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