New Year’s Resolution?

Hmmm I have no idea what my new years resolution should be. Other than to be more outgoing and say what is on my mind. I look back on the year of 2008 and I’m pretty much happy how I ended up. I’m excited to the new year…especially because January 3rd is Michael’s and my’s first year anniverysary :) I’m really excited about what we are going to do, I have no idea either…

I think I’m going to write in this blog daily. I’ve been running out of ideas as to what I should do to spend the day on. Since my father-n-law is off from work till the 1st week of January, there’s a good chance my mother-n-law wont get her files off of this laptop for a while…I guess I could painfully mess around with my website. For the past couple of days, I’ve spent doing nothing but taking care of Logan and finding interesting stuff to add to my phone…so maybe I could mess with my website for a different change in my day.

I dont really know anymore…about stuff. Michael is doing great, he IS great…I’m starting to get annoyed at his habit with World of Warcraft…mainly because I dont play..and he’s off from school and we have yet to actually go out and do something together. Maybe that will change on our anniversary…He’s a good father, not saying that I’m SOOO pissed off at him about it to the point of leaving him…because it’s not that big of a deal…but it is starting to be annoying.

I also have been feeling like I need an alcoholic beverage before going to sleep or something…so I can actually sleep peacefully. Or possibly sleeping pills? I dont know…ehhh Forget it, bad idea. I’m bored…dont know what to do…I’m always online on Digsby so go ahead and Message me on there. I’m always on YouTube and Myspace…..sooo Comment and Message me…I’m usually up from 9am-12am (6am-9pm Pacific Time). Anyways. Laters



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