New Website Look

Hey everyone,
    I’m currently working on a new look for my website. I’ve only changed the home page but I’m currently working on the other pages. I didnt like how the old style looked so I’m making it better. At least to me, its better. My world of warcraft account expires today and I’m going to renew till I’m done with redecorating my website. I’m also planning on adding some things like:
1) Downloads – Where you can download some FREE programs that I use to either create my website or just for fun. Wallpaper & Cursors: I have made out of boredom and random 
2)  Photos – Yes, I’m actually working on adding some albums filled with pictures of Family, friends, and Screenshots from World of Warcraft.
3) Under Links -> Comics – Where I’ll put links to ALL the comics that have interested me throughout the past 5 years.
   But we will see how everything turns out. I’m also changing the website so 7/10 of my World of Warcraft toons will be seen throughout different pages of my website. I also changed my background on my YouTube page so it looks more neater and unique. I reinstalled everything on the laptop so it works ALOT better as far as how it was before. Anyways, it’s almost 2pm and I havent eaten yet. So I’m going to go do that.



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