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Hello All!

click for larger imageI’ve been sick the past couple of days. Darn Allergies (least I think it’s allergies). I actually didn’t go to bed till 3am because my sinuses were bugging me. It’s kind of why I didn’t update the PuG of the Week, BUT I’m glad I didn’t because I found someone that tops it off this week! So yea, I updated it. Anyways, I also downloaded a two new addons and decided to try them out to make a new UI. I felt my old UI made everything too crowded especially because my screen isn’t that big. They’re called Shadowed Unit Frames and Bartender4. I used to use Bartender back in Burning Crusade for like a week. I didn’t care for updating it because of a new patch. I have set up my bartender to be EXACTLY like the standard blizzard bars only closer together. I didn’t have to move any spells because they were pretty the way they are. The biggest pain was setting up SuF (Shadowed Unit Frames) to how I want them. I could’ve left them alone but I wanted to see how cool I could’ve made it :D So far, I’m loving my new UI. It’s a little different for my other toons because they have more spells on their bars BUT it’s still better than my old UI.

click for a larger image

After testing out my new UI on a few heroics, I wanted to see how I would like it with Raiding. SuF does have its own raid interface but I chose to stick with the default interface :D I also got to see an old friend from High school (/wave) who I invited for my and my husband’s raid for Onyxia (10 & 25). Mister Crit Chicken died not once but twice wasting my battle rez! It was fun fun fun though. Onyxia 10 was okay and we one shot her. I got the offhand that summons skeletons to replace my 77 epic offhand made from inscription. My druid is now over 5k gearscore in her resto set :D I was lagging SO much during Onyxia 25 (first time in there). I ended up disconnected just as loot was being distributed. Luckily since it’s my & my husband’s raid, I told him I would pass on everything except the Head of Onyxia because I really want the caster ring you get from turning it in. He ended up rolling twice (1 for him & 1 for me) and I won it with a roll of 89! I’m glad too because otherwise it would’ve gone to a rogue that tried to wipe us in Onyxia 10. So after I finally loaded in (darn laptop so slow), I accepted the quest only to realize that I had better rings T_T. I asked a few guildies that were in the raid and I didn’t see my friend online after that. So I ended up getting the DPS neck for my offspec kitty set :D Slowly working on my DPS gear so I could switch roles with another Resto/Feral druid in our raids :D Unfortunately, his gear is over 4800 gearscore and I’m stuck with only over 4600 T_T. Hopefully, that will all change by the end of next week.

So…I just did a BUNCH of heroics last night. I ran into a couple of interesting pugs. Had a couple of situation where I would heal as resto in DPS gear OR as feral in my Healing gear. Was absolutely fun and had a blast :P Not so much for picking up the slack on a puggie, but for the “ZOMG! I’m OOM! Don’t die, Tank!” intense moment ^_^. I’m suppose to have a ToC 25 raid today but I don’t think I’ll go. If I do go, I’m going to DPS on my druid for a change. Husband (Fiasco) can heal on his Pally. Of course, my friend will probably bug me to go…I don’t know we’ll see. *sneezes*



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