New Look 1.5

Hey Everyone…

   BLAH!!! haha. Nothing much is going on. I’m exhausted at the moment. I’m currently working on my website (yes, again). I was satisfied with how it was to begin with but then I started to think about it. My website (with its current look) looked a bit complex and crowded. So I figured I would try to simplify it a bit more and have it less complicated. The website will pretty much look the same just more neater….hopefully.  The  first picture is how the new 1.5 version will look compared to the current verison which is the second picture.


  That’s pretty much it with ‘Website News’. As for the everyday life part….Logan currently has FOUR teeth :D He reminds me of a little muskrat when he smiles. We cleared out the living room that was filled with toys so he has more room to play in. We also setup his playpen so he is able to stand and observe while we do our everyday chores. Tonight, Michael’s Cousin will be staying the night and he’ll leave with my mom-in-law to Lake Okeechobee in the morning. Michael, Logan and I will be planning to go to the mall to shop for swimsuits because hopefully next friday, we’ll be going to St. Augustine for the weekend.  We also will be (hopefully if my mom-n-law is up for babysitting) watching Cranked II. I dont care what you have to say about that movie…I want to see it because Jason Statham is an AWESOME actor. I have yet to dislike any of his movies, so BLAH at you. 
As for WoW (World of Warcraft) news….The new Uludar Patch is LIVE! frikkin Sweet. I’m very happy with the changes….just not the bugs that come with it. My shaman is my first (but not the last) toon to experience dual specs. She’s both elemental AND resto. I was getting so pissed off last night because I would spec my shaman elemental, get kicked off because World Server is down, then get rolled back to having ZERO spent talent points…UGH! My warrior is level 46 from 42. I’m so happy that I’m actually dual wielding again because I would die like crazy having a SLOOOOOOW two hander.
That’s all I have to say. I’m currently taking a break from redoing my website. Maybe I’ll work on it some more this weekend. Have fun, be safe, and God Bless.



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