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Hello All,

I haven’t played WoW all day. At least not yet. I was spending my WHOLE day working on my blog’s new layout. Yes! All day! I haven’t been messing with HTML in a long time and I kind of had a brain fart when I was looking at my HTML code. It doesn’t help that I don’t have the software to preview my changes before saving it. I don’t really trust Blogger’s ‘Preview’ Feature either. I also ran into problems that I didn’t know how to fix it…but I did it! Now I love my new blog layout. I plan on changing it again before I get a new domain. Yes, I know. I had a couple of domains to redirect this blog. Once ‘Go-Farm-Yourself’ expires in a year, I’m just going to get a new one. Not going to tell you what it is going to be either! Anyways…

Back to WoW! My Recruit-a-friend benefits ended right in the middle of a Dire Maul Run while on my paladin. I was a little sad. Triple Experience and Friend Summons were awesome. I got my paladin to level 56! So yay! At least she can enter Hellfire Ramparts. I ran Zul’Gurub on my warrior last night with my husband’s pally and got a little disbelief action from him. The Fists Weapons from the Tiger Boss and Panther Boss BOTH dropped. I took them of course for the proc. It’s as close to being Catwoman as I can get! haha. The reason why I said “Disbelief action from him” is because prior to this run, Ironfoe dropped for my paladin. It was better than my level 29 green mace. I also got Circle of Flame on my mage. The epics just drop like candy for me :) is what my hubby would say. hehe. I also laughed my butt off in ZG. My hubby killed me after getting mind-controlled by the ‘Hoodoo Piles’. I got him back by getting mind-controlled on the next pile. Unfortunately, I forgot to clear the mobs surrounding it…so I died in the process. This is the part where I laughed my butt off as we were running back to our bodies.

oh oh! I think my favorite part of the night was when I was running Blackrock Depths on my paladin. Mainly because I was tanking and hubby was on his healer; pretending to not know each other, causing arguments. Everyone kept saying “Don’t piss off the Tank (or healer)! I just want to get this done!”. It was pretty funny to see people leave because they wanted to kick one of us. Well, I’m off to play some more WoW.



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One Comment on "New Layout"

  1. SSB Jezi August 15, 2010 at 2:14 PM - Reply

    Cute Layout! I love it! :)

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