Netflix Decision…

Hello All,

So I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff since I’ve been struggling with this ailment. I don’t know whether if it’s an Allergen or just the common cold. Either way, my immune system is taking a long time to get rid of it. Back on track, I just don’t know where to begin to talk about all these decisions I have to make.

On the drive to school today, my husband and I were having a discussion on ways to save money. I’m always for saving money. We got to talking about cancelling Netflix, and I was somewhat agreeing. It seemed logical. Since we moved into our new house, we only rented one move: True Grit. We’ve had that DvD since July, and we still have it. So True Grit has basically become a $20 movie rental. Oh Snap! So with school, the new house, and our son keeping us busy; where would we find the time to watch movies?! So canceling Netflix was logicial, but I was still reluctant. I was hesitant to cancel, because I enjoy Netflix’s DvD and Streaming options. There’s so many movies that I want to see, and I refuse to pay $11 a ticket to go see it in theaters. Then I received an email from Netflix today about separating their “Qwikster” website. (You can read the email here). I was a little irritated. I was upset with Netflix when they decided to raise their prices, and charge DVD and Streaming separately. This email I received just ticked me off. Oh well, big deal, right?

So I’ve come up with a couple of decisions I need to make for me:

  1.  Quit World of Warcraft ($15 monthly subscription), and continue Netflix DvD & Streaming– I’ve been struggling finding enough interest to keep playing the game. Instead of playing the game, I could watch TV or take advantage of my Netflix membership. I will say that I would probably be missing all my friends on WoW after a while.
  2. Cancel Netflix all together (~$16 monthly subscription), continue playing WoW, rent from Redbox – Between WoW, school, my son, and the new house, we are very busy. This is what I’m leaning towards, because playing WoW is my main source of entertainment right now.
  3. Cancel WoW & Netflix, and just rent movies from Redbox – This option would be the best as far as saving the most money, but I am somewhat scared of the possible outcomes of this decision. Like what? Mainly depression & boredom. Also, the nearest RedBox is at the Wal-Mart near my college, and we don’t go to Wal-Mart every day. It would be out of our way to return a DvD back to that Redbox, and I dislike that very much.
  4. Cancel “Streaming” option from Netflix, and continue playing WoW – This would be great, since I dislike dealing with Redbox, and their $1 per day rentals. Another option I’ve been leaning towards to.

Those are my choices right now. Which one do I like the most right now? Number 2 or 4. Do I really want to cancel Netflix? No. If they had their old prices? I would not cancel at all. Do I really want to quit World of Warcraft? No, I don’t. I really don’t. I would be giving up a great big part of my life. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true. WoW is the main source of not just my entertainment, but also my social life. My best friends in the whole wide world play WoW, and they live in another state. I would be leaving them in a sense. So no, I refuse to quit right now. Not saying I won’t…but I will as a last measure in my quest to saving money. :lol:

That’s all for now.







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