“Need to Obtain Better Gear”

Hello All !
Yesterday was a pretty boring day in the world of….Warcraft. HA! That’s so getting old. (Thx South Park) I saw that my brother’s rogue was online and thought his account was hacked. After making sure if it was truly him, I helped him level up his skinning in Stranglethorn Vale. Very boring with a 68 rogue and a 80 Resto Druid. It’s when I decided to go do heroics to get gear for my Kitty Set. Yes, not Bear…Kitty! My tank gear is crappy that it’s almost nonexistent. Oh speaking of crappy Tanks!

So I queued up for a random heroic in hopes of upgrading my Kitty Set. I got Trial of the Champion for my Frost Badge heroic! Woot! I really like this instance for the lack of Trash pulls, but I really don’t like the jousting. As soon as I jump on my wolf mount, I looked down to see Party Chat like the image to the left. Now in one of my previous posts, I don’t mind healing a gimp tank so long as they keep stuff off of me and I’m able to keep him up by letting the DPS die (Sorry! you knew this would happen when you made that DPS toon of yours! Take one for the team!). This DK tank with the Random Dungeon Buff had only 26K HP. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to keep him up BUT I was willing to give him a chance. I thought surely he wouldn’t be able to queue up as a Tank and have this instance if he wasn’t geared for it. After the spamming of “just leave so we can queue up and get a real tank”, I whispered the tank to let him know I was willing to take a repair bill to ‘try’ to see how it went. He then responded with a smile saying he would leave the party if it didn’t work out. Then the ‘Vote to Kick’ started O_o. I voted ‘NO’ because I wanted to keep my word. The vote passed. Got a 34K Paladin Tank. Let me just say*/facepalm* Sure, I was able to keep him up BUT he couldn’t hold aggro. I don’t understand why Paladin Tanks say ‘pally threat is so horrible’ and have such a hard time with it on top of running out of mana. Eh, I’ll stop with that topic. Save that Rant for tomorrow!

I wonder how Blizzard figured out how exactly good of gear you need to do that dungeon? I say this because my husband’s rogue is not geared enough according to the “Dungeon Finder Tool” and his rogue “needs to obtain better gear”. Yet his rogue can do about a steady 3K DPS (better than most rogues I’ve seen). If that Deathknight tank was able to queue up as a Tank with only 26K and get Trial of the Champion…something is wrong. Maybe it’s based on Gear in your inventory? Hmm, Very interesting to think about. I’ve tried testing this out on many of my toons and I have no idea. At first, I figured it’s because of lower than 78 blues in equipment slots…but my druid in her kitty gear has level 70 epics in hers. I was able to queue up as a DPS with her crappy gear. I did upgrade my druid’s kitty gear shortly before going to bed. I was sitting at 4% but since the upgrades I’m currently at 6%. Now the only non-level 80 items I have are my trinkets! Woot! I also used all my honor from my toons to buy a PvP cloak with Hit (better than my 70 Kara Cloak) for my druid’s DPS set, 2 epic red gems, and 3 epic blue gems.

There were raids scheduled last night: Onyxia 10 & Icecrown Citadel 25. Well, I got invited to the raid on my druid BUT five minutes later, it fell apart. There wasn’t enough time because the Raid Leader had to go “raid ICC 25 in five minutes”. I’ll give you a guess who! :P (yes it was the same mage that leaves everytime there’s a wipe). I should give him a name because otherwise it’d be confusing. How about Gamo? Yes! Gamo left his own raid . After that, I was done with WoW for a while. I don’t know if they actually did ICC 25 or not. I just know not enough people were on who were geared enough. Blah! With that said, I’m going to take out my frustration at random heroics today. Hopefully, we can finish our ICC 10 raid from Tuesday tonight AND my staff drops!

(P.S – Welcome back to the game, Josh! MUAHAHA!)


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