Making a Cast Sequence Macro…

Hello Everyone. Mia Here.

Today I am going to show you how to make a CAST SEQUENCE macro. This macro will combine all your spells/abilities/items into one, so you can press one button multiple times for all your spells.

Also in this Tutorial, I’ll be covering some of the options that are commonly used in a Cast Sequence Macro.
These options include: Reset Conditions, Targeting, and using Modifers.

Using a Cast Sequence Macro is helpful if you are playing a class that has a rotation. Now as a warning, a cast sequence macro doesn’t always boost your Healing or DPS Numbers. Sometimes you have to do a bit of tweaking in order for the macro to be perfect.

Here in this video clip, I made a Cast Sequence Macro on my priest to reapply my buffs after dying in a battleground. On the left is my priest using a Cast Sequence Macro. While on the Right, I am just standard clicking and pressing buttons.

In those video clips, I have my priest casting my Fortitude, Shadow Power and Inner Fire. I am also using my Chakra ability, then casting Flash Heal to get my Serenity Chakra. If the cooldown is up, I also cast Fear Ward on myself.

Making a Cast Sequence Macro is pretty easy, you simply open up your macro window by using the game menu
or type /macro. Click on “NEW” to make a new Macro, Type “/castsequence, then type out the spells and abilities you wish to use, separated by a comma and then a space. Be sure to spell it EXACTLY how the ability/item looks. Misspelled abilities will NOT work. I do not recommend changing the Macro’s Icon to something to other than the Question Mark (?) icon. This way you can see what spell is up next in the sequence.


You can also add a “RESET” condition to your macro. This basically tells the macro when to reset and start casting spells at the beginning. To add a reset condition, type “reset=” just after “/castsequence”.

Now After the equal sign, you have a choice of 4 reset conditions you can use:
You can put a number which tell the macro to reset after so many SECONDS have gone by,
since you have used the macro. For example, putting the number “10” here, would mean 10 seconds.
You can put “Target”, which tells the macro to reset after you have switched Targets.
Putting “combat” means the macro will reset every time you leave combat.

Adding one of the modifier keys, which are Shift, Alt, CTRL
will mean the macro will start at the beginning of the sequence while holding down that key.
You can combine these reset conditions by adding a “/” in between the reset conditions.
Like in this macro for example:

/castsequence reset=10/alt Lightning Bolt, Lighning Bolt, Lava Burst

I have added a reset condition.
Which should reset my macro every 10 seconds OR every time I hold down the Alt.
Notice that if I don’t hold down the ALT button, it’ll go back to the last spell I used in the sequence.
After about 10 seconds, it goes back to the beginning to the sequence.


If you are like me, I hold down the ‘ALT’ button to cast spells on myself.
Sometimes the Cast Sequence Macro doesn’t always register the ALT button to cast my spells on myself.

To fix that, I added a Target Command. There’s three ways to add a Target Command.

  1. One way is by adding a new line before your Cast Sequence Macro and typing “/target” and adding your target.
  2. The second way is by typing out “target=” after the “/castsequence” command and adding your target after the equal sign.
  3. Another way is to do the simple Target Shortcut right after the “/castsequence” command.

The simple Target Shortcuts have the same function as the ones above,
but they contain fewer characters meaning more space to add more spells/abilities.
Now, I’m not going over every one of the Target Options, but I will go over the most common ones.

[@player] – Your spells will target your self (the current player)
[@focus] – This will cast your spells on your focus target.
[@mouseover] – Spells will be cast on the target your mouse is hovered over.
[pet] – Your spells will go to your character’s pet (such as a Hunter’s Pet or a Mage’s Elemental)
[harm] – All your spells will be cast on enemy target and players. The ones that are hostile to you.


You can use one Cast Sequence command with both a Hostile and Friendly target,
One set for an enemy Target and One for a friendly Target, but it’s also very tricky.
Using the right combination of commands in the right order can make your macro fit your needs.
In this macro from my priest:

/castsequence [help] Flash Heal, Flash Heal, Greater Heal;
[harm] reset=10 Shadow Word: Pain, Holy Fire, Smite, Smite

Here I separate my Friendly Spells from my Hostile ones by adding a semi-colon (;) in between.
Now I have my macro set so if I have a Friendly as my Target, I can use my healing spells to heal them.
If I have an enemy as a Target, I do my Hostile spells and they will reset after 10 seconds.


Adding a Modifier Option to your Cast Sequence Macro will change the way your macro work.
Best way to explain it is by going back to the macro. Here we see two sets of spells: one for Friendly and One for Hostile. I am going to change this macro so that I can cast my Friendly spells on myself while holding the ALT button while having a Hostile Target.

/castsequence [@player, mod:alt] Flash Heal, Flash Heal, Greater Heal;
[harm] reset=10 Shadow Word: Pain, Holy Fire, Smite, Smite

Notice that I have added a Modifier Option in the macro. When I did, I seperated the Target and Modifier Options using a comma. Adding a Modifier Option tells your macro what to do in case a certain key is pressed such as the ALT key. There’s about four modifier keys you can choose from.
[mod:shift] – SHIFT
[mod:alt] – ALT
[mod:ctrl] – CTRL
[nomod] – No Modifier Key


Now let’s put all that we have learned today all together….
Here’s an example of a macro I made for my shaman:

/castsequence [help, nomod] [@player, mod:alt] Healing Surge,
Healing Surge, Greater Healing Wave;
[harm] reset=10 Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt,
Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst

Here I have a series of spells that casts my healing spells on a friendly target
if I have a Friendly Target OR on myself when I hit the ALT button.
Now the second part casts a different series of spells if my target is an Enemy Target.

Here in this clip: You can see my shaman attacking a Target Dummy.
In the middle of my “Hostile spells”, I switched my target to the Friendly Grunt Guard.
Notice that my macro switched to my “Friendly Spells”. I can now heal the guard.
Also notice when I switch back to the Target Dummy, my Friendly Healing spells are changed to my Hostile Spells.

If I hold down the ALT Button, I can cast my friendly spells on myself.
The same applies if I have the Grunt Guard as my target.
If I hold down the ALT button, I use the spell on myself.
Notice that my friendly spells are being not resetting the macro.

– Conclusion –

And that is how to make a Cast Sequence Macro. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, email or message me on Youtube. With Love, From Mia.

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