Linking An Item Into a Macro [WoW]

Great for Spell Macros. I use this along with #showtooltip, and /cast for Mass Rez because some people don’t know what it is when I say “Casting Mass Rez”.
Absolutely love this macro!!

[How to] Link any Item in a Macro

– Open you macro window ( /m, /macro, or using the ‘ESC’ button)
– Write your macro without the and place the Cursor where your item should be
For example : /g WTS 5x /w me for Price

– Press ‘ESC’ once so the macro window loses cursor focus
– Open your Chat Window and Write
Code: /script MacroFrameText:Insert(“”)

– Put your Cursor between the two “” quotation marks. If you misclicked, you can hold down the ALT button and use Left/Right arrow keys to move your cursor in between the quotation marks.
– Open up your spell book/bags, and Shift Click on the Item you want to add to the macro.
for example: /script MacroFrameText:Insert(“[Eternal Fire]”)

– Run the Script by Pressing ‘ENTER’
– Your macro should now look similiar to this, with the item colored
Code: /g WTS 5x Eternal Fire /w me for Price
– Put the Macro on a hotkey an spam spam spam the Trade Chanel

You can only link 3-4 Items in one Macro, so if you want to use more items, you will have to create a new macro, just test it out in /s or in a private Channel


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