How to Use Ventrilo After Installation

Hello Mia here,
Today I’m going to show you how to use Ventrilo after you installed it to
your computer.

Open the Ventrilo Program by double clicking on the icon.
There are some key parts that you have to remember when using Ventrilo.
First off, you need a Username. This name will show up on other people’s
computers. In World of Warcraft, it is recommended to use your in-game
character’s name. When you have multiple usernames, you get a drop down box
where you can see all the usernames you have created.

To make a new username, Click on the right arrow “-)” to the right of the
Drop down box. This will open a dialog window where you can manage your
usernames. Click on ‘NEW’, another box comes up where you can type in the
username you wish to have. If you wish to delete a username, you can hit
the ‘DELETE’ button to remove it from your drop down box.

The “Server” drop down box is where you can see all the Ventrilo servers you
have saved under a Username. A Server’s information is needed before you can
begin to talk to your friends/co-workers.

First off, there are 2 things you’ll need to access a server.
1) A Internet Connection
2) A Server’s information with a hostname, Port number, and if necessary,
a Password to the server.

To add a new server to a username, select the username that you want to save
the server under, by clicking on the drop down box in the “USERNAME” row.
Next, click on the Right arrow “-)” next to the “SERVER DROP DOWN BOX”.
Here is where you can manage all your servers under a username. Click on the
“NEW” button and type the name you want to save the server under.

In the “Hostname or IP Field”, type in the server’s HostName or IP. This can
be numbers or words. Next, in the “PORT NUMBER” field, type in the port
number to the server. If there’s a password to the server, you would put it
in the “PASSWORD” field. This field is case-sensitive, so be sure you type
in the password correctly. Once you have filled out the server’s information,
you can click “OK”. If you have entered the server’s “HOSTNAME or IP”
information correctly, you should see a messsage stating “The server is
available, Press connect to continue”. Click on the “Connect” Button to
connect to the server.

You are now connected to the server. You might get a window that pops up.
It’s okay, this is just the “Message of the Day” window. Some Admins of servers
like to send Bulletins to their users. Click to check the “Display Only If It
Changes” to only display the message when it changes.
At the top of the server, you should
see the Server’s Name. This helps identify what server you’re on. You should
see Channels. These are rooms that you can join.
On the left of these channels will dictate what kind
of channel it is. If the “+” is Blue, that channelis open to the
public. If the “+” is Red, the channel is password protected, and
you’ll need the password to enter into that channel. If the “+” is
yellow, that means only users who have an account on the server can enter
that channel. Ask the person in charge of the server if you can have access
to this channel.

By Default, Ventrilo has your microphone set to “PUSH-TO-TALK”. This means
you have to press and hold a button as you talk into your microphone in order
for people to hear you. By default, this button is the “LEFT CTRL” Button.
You can change this configuration, but click the “SETUP” button on the right
side. On the left hand side, you’ll see a few things checked. Next to
“HotKey”, You’ll see what button the “Push-To-Talk” is set to. Click in the
field to select it. Don’t panic if you see “Mouse: Button 1”. As you can see
the insertion cursor is blinking, this means you can press the one or two
buttons you wish to use every time you wish to talk to someone. Once you
have set up your hot key, click on “OK” to close the “SETUP” window.

If you press your Hotkey, the speaker next to your username will turn Green.
This means your microphone is open. If the speaker is red, this means your
microphone is close and no one can hear you. Green means open. Red means close.

And that’s how to use Ventrilo After Installation.
Thanks for watching and Hope this helps.
With Love, From Mia.

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