How to Record in Ventrilo


Hello Mia here.
Today, I am going to go step-by-step on
how to use the recording feature in Ventrilo.
This feature will record your voice and others during a ventrilo
conversation, and save it as a .VRF file.

I will also show you how to disable this feature, so others
cannot record your voice in a conversation. KEEP IN MIND: That other
recording tools such as Fraps can still capture your voice,
even with the recording feature disabled. Disabling this feature will
only prevent others recording your voice using the Ventrilo Record Feature.

So Let’s begin.


First Connect to a Ventrilo Server.
Next Right-click on an empty white space in the ventrilo window.
Hover over “VIEW”. In the submenu, click on “RECORD/PLAYBACK…”

This will open up the Record/Playback Window.
Here is where you view all the options
available in the recoring feature.

OPEN – Opens a .VRF file (so you you can open one of your previous recordings)
SAVE – Saves a .VRF file (Even though you stop recording, it is automatically saved)
INFO – View/Edit text for Copyright (For if you wanted to add copy right to a .VRF file/recording)
PLAY – Plays a .VRF file (Plays your .VRF file/recording)
RECORD – To Start a recording… (Starts recording ventrilo conversation)
STOP – To stop a recording or playback… (Stops recording ventrilo conversation OR stop playback)
EXPORT – Exports the .VRF file to a .WAV file. (The export button exports your .VRF file
into a more compatible audio file called .WAV file)
CLOSE – Closes the ‘Record/Playback window. (Closes the window)
HELP – Help


When you feel more comfortable using the recording feature,
you can begin to create simple hotkeys or shortcuts that will allow
you to start or stop a recording without even using the Record/Playback Window.
Very useful when you have a Full Screen Application.

To start off, click on the arrow (->) next to Bindings at the top of your Ventrilo Program.
This will open up the Setup Bindings window, where you can begin to setup your hotkeys or shortcuts.
Click on the ‘NEW’ button and name your group for your hotkeys.
For this tutorial, we’ll call it “Recording”. Click on ‘OK’

1) On the bottom left corner of the “Setup Bindings Window”, click on the ‘ADD’ button.
2) Click on the ‘Recording – Start’ option. Next, click in the box next to ‘Hotkey’.
3) Press the key(s) that you will use to start recording. For this tutorial, we’ll just do LEFT CTRL+TAB.
4) Click ‘OK’
5) You have successfully added a “Start Recording” hotkey.

Repeat the same steps to add a “Stop Recording” hotkey. For this tutorial, I’ll be using LEFT SHIFT+TAB.
Click ‘OK’ to close the “Setup Binding” window.

In Order to use your hotkeys, you simply select your hotkeys under Bindings.
For example, we would click on the Dropdown Menu Arrow, and select “Recording”.
KEEP IN MIND: You might have to do this every time you start up ventrilo or switch Usernames.

That’s how you add Recording Hotkeys.
–[ Disable Recording Feature ]–

As I stated earlier, disabling this feature DOES NOT mean others won’t be able to record
your voice completely. If they are using other recording softwares such as Fraps, they will still
be able to record your voice. Disabling this feature will only stop others that are recording using Ventrilo.

First sign onto a Ventrilo Server. Right-click on the server. Hover over ‘Change State’.
In the sub-menu, make sure ‘Allow others to record my conversation’ is unchecked.
You might have to redo this every time you switch servers.

As a federal law, recording conversation is allowed as long as you have consent from at least one of the involved parties.
In some states though, it is illegal to record anyone unless you have consent from ALL the parties involved.
To play it safe, ask before you start recording.


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