How to Change a User’s Volume on Ventrilo

Hello, Mia Here.
Today, I am going to show you how to  change a User’s Volume on Ventrilo.
First You have to be in the same channel as the user you wish to change their volume to.

Right click on their username,
Hover over “Miscellaneous”,
then click over “Special Effects…”

This will open the “Special Effects” dialog window.
On the right hand side, click on “Volume” to select it.
Next with “Volume” selected, click the “(- ADD” Button.
Move the lever based on how you want to change the user’s volume.

To turn the user up, you go to the right.
To turn the user down, you go to the left.
Leaving the lever at 100% means you haven’t changed their volume.

Click on “Ok” once you are done.
Click on “OK” to close the “Special Effects..” window.
Ask the person to speak. Adjust the settings if necessary.

BE CAREFUL THOUGH! Don’t turn a person up too high, otherwise you might damage your ears.

If you get crackling/static sounds after turning someone up,
it could be your sound card OR The user’s microphone settings.
Ask them to enable or change the “Microphone Boost” for their Microphone.

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