Making a Click Macro

Hello Everyone,

In this video tutorial, I am going to show you
how to make multiple macros that are synced together.
So when you press or click on this macro,
it’ll click all the macros at once.
This is also known as “CLICK MACRO”

Here’s an example…
Here I have made one macro to make my character say “Hi”.
The second macro is to make my character say “TEST”.
When I press or click on This “CLICK MACRO” that I made,
it will press or click on my “HI” and “TEST” macro at the same time.

This is very helpful for a guild recruitment macro or a macro
to sell services from professions. All of which you can use to spam Trade Chat.

Now you may ask, why not just press or click the macros separately?
Like Why not click on the “HI” Macro, then the “TEST” Macro?
This is true. You CAN do this, but timing is everything.
If this was a guild recruitment macro spammed in Trade Chat
that needed more than 255 characters to get the message across,
it’s possible that someone could put a break and talk in between the
two macros. Using a CLICK MACRO ensures that there won’t be a chance for a break
and ruin the Guild Recruitment Macro.

Before we start, We need to decide where our macros will go.
Because in our CLICK Macro, we need to tell the CLICK MACRO which button on what action bar
the macro needs to click or press.

For my CLICK macro, I’ll be using the Number 1 button on the MAIN bar.
While my other two Macros will be on the Bottom Left Action Bar,
which is right above it.

My other two macros will be guild recruitment macros using
text I took from both my Archimonde and Stormreaver guild websites.
MACRO #1 will be my Archimonde guild: Blood of Heroes vXv
while Macro #2 will be my Stormreaver guild: The Dwarven Brotherhood

SO LET’S BEGIN and start off with the easy part,
which is making our multiple macros…
Open up your macro window and begin making your macros.
Now the hard part: Making our CLICK MACRO…
This is mainly hard because after we type “/click”, this is where
we tell our CLICK MACRO what button to press or click.
Each Action bar as a name and each button has a number on that Action bar.

Now I’ve added a list in the description.
Shown on the left are names of the Action Bars used.
On the right shows what Action bar the name corresponds to.
I also added a link to an image for those that need a visual.
We’ll be using the left column for our CLICK MACRO.
You also need to replace the Number sign (#) with an actual number like 1, 2, 3.

ActionButton# – Main Bar*
BonusActionButton# – Dynamic bar that switches actions based on Forms/Stances/Stealth
MultiBarBottomLeftButton# – Bottom Left Bar
MultiBarBottomRightButton# – Bottom Right Bar
MultiBarRightButton# – Right Bar
MultiBarLeftButton# – Right Bar 2 (to the left of “Right Bar”)
PetActionButton# – Pet Bar
ShapeshiftButton#  – Forms/Auras/Stances/Presences/Stealth/Aspects
ExtraActionButton# – Extra Action Button for fights like Ultraxion.

My Archimonde Macro will be “/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1”
In a new line, my Stormreaver Macro will be “/Click MultiBarBottomLeftButton2”
Hit the Save Button to save the macro. Click and Drag ALL your Macros to their assigned places.
Notice when I click the Number 1 Button on the main bar, my guild recruitment macros
are clicked or pressed.

Now before I end this tutorial, there are some things I need to clarify.
You can use this for macros that involve spells,
BUT only if they don’t share a global cooldown.
AND even if they didn’t share a global cooldown,
it’d be best to just make a simple macro with the “/CAST” or “/USE” command
AND Avoid the complication of using Actionbar names.

If your spells/abilites are on a Global Cooldown
but you wish to put your spells in an ALL-IN-ONE macro,
You will need to make a CAST SEQUENCE MACRO
which will be featured in a future video.

This concludes on how to make a CLICK Macro.
Hope it helps
With Love, From Mia

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