My Tutorials

Below is a list of all the Tutorials I have made in the past:
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– Miscellaneous Tutorials –

  1. Using an Avatar on Guildomatic
  2. Sending a Private Message on Guildomatic
  3. How to use BBcode [Part 1]
  4. Making a Rotation Forum Signature/Avatar
  5. Using Webshot to take Full Page Screenshots
  6. Resizing Photos on Photobucket
  7. Terraria: Installing TShock & Plugins
  8. NightBot Commands

– Ventrilo Tutorials –

  1. How to use Ventrilo After Installation
  2. How to Change a User’s Volume in Ventrilo
  3. How to Normalize Ventrilo
  4. How to Record in Ventrilo

– World of Warcraft Tutorials –

  1. Scripts & Macros
  2. Linking an Item into a Macro
  3. Making a Click Macro
  4. Making a Cast Sequence Macro
  5. Taming Rare Hunter Pets in MoP (Savage)
  6. Ingela’s Rapture Addon: Custom Sound

Still cannot find what you are looking for? Try this video playlist of all my tutorials!

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