My Buckle Boys

Ugh…The past couple of days have been very frustrating….Logan is sick with the flu and Michael with the chicken Pox. Michael started getting sick on Friday, he broke out in pox on Sunday morning. Logan started getting sick Sunday evening…Took him and Michael to the doctors on Monday. Logan had to go to Urgent Care to get a ‘Flu Swab’ done and it was positive. They told us to keep trying to give Logan some Fluids. Tuesday Morning, around 4:30am…I woke up to Logan having difficulty breathing. We took him to the Emergency Room where they gave him a dose of Steroids and an I.V for some fluids. His flu had developed the CROUP basically his upper airway was swollen. It was mild but it could have been worse. We got out of the E.R around 2:30pm, Logan was babbling all happy and no Fever. He’s doing great now and actually drinking his fluids.

Just got back from his follow-up appointment with his Peditrician…Gosh, I hate that place. I called this morning asking when is a good time for Logan to see the Doctor. The woman told me 11:30am. We get there 11:15am and it was PACKED! Michael’s mom went inside and asked when Logan can see the doctor and they told her OVER AN HOUR!!!!! ugh…sooo we spent that time getting food at Steak & Shake, and going to Wal-Mart. His followup was a waste of time…cause she just checked him on his vitals..asked us questions and told us that they are glad Logan is doing better….Ugh. Anyways…

On top of that, Michael’s mom is being VERY overprotective of Logan…I mean, it’s starting to piss me off and I’m LOGAN’S MOM!!! haha. oh well, it’s cause she’s worried. Anyways, I guess I’m in a bitchy tiring mood. I should sleep but I’m too active to sleep now. It’s also frustrating cause I havent been able to touch Michael since Sunday Morning… :( so I’m feeling a bit sad and Lonely…..sigh…anyways, I’m gonna play WoW.



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