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Hello All,
I couldn’t think of a title for this post so I picked something random. Servers are down…I always hate Tuesday because of Server maintenance. For the past month, it’s been rather hectic for me as one of the guild leaders of my guild. In fact, I’m getting whispers from members stating that my hubby and I do all the work. This is in fact, true. For the past week, there have been negative vibes between us and the other officers. Today is the day where we will all sit down and have a little meeting before the ICC 25 raid to decide the outcome of guild.

This could mean that our Souls of Mischief guild falls apart and Friendships with the other officers that have lasted over 4-5 years will be damaged. My husband and I do not wish to do that, however there are some things we cannot tolerate even if they are our friends. I’m excited to see what happens. As a guild, we haven’t had ANY progression in 25 mans past the first wing. We’ve downed Rotface & Festergut in 10 man, but we cannot seem to get enough members to show up for ICC 25 on the continuation day. Why must people be jerks? lame.

I have also been having fun playing my priest again. There is just so much stuff I’ve been doing with her. I respec’d her from Holy to Discipline, and I LOVE IT! I got her enchanting as well as her tailoring to 450. I made myself the boots from ICC patterns, as well as the Epic Magic Carpet Mount. I also got a staff from Festergut 10 on Sunday for my Priest’s DPS set, and my T10 gloves from VoA 10. My priest is now over 5k gearscore, which is sexy by the way. I’ve also been redoing my gems on my druid’s old tank stuff to get her Feral DPS set. Of course, the gear doesn’t really help when you don’t have the talents to support DPS. King of the Jungle and Shredding Attacks are two talents that I found really helpful. Of course, I wasn’t really doing a rotation that supports my spec. I still noticed a over 1k DPS difference just by switching out some gems…

and now, time to mess around on my guild website….



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