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Hello All,
I didn’t do much on WoW yesterday. I was waiting on a guildie (we’ll call him Gardar?) to log on so I could talk to him about possibly switching my raiding toon from my shaman to my druid. He didn’t sign on till about 7pm EST. I asked him and he pretty much said “whatever I want to do. We need resto shamans as much as Resto Druids.” So YAY I’m planning on gearing my druid out till she’s about 4600 Gearscore (3700 at the moment). I know Gearscore doesn’t matter with talent, but I’ve never raid healed as a resto druid so I want to be sure my gear is more than enough to cover my nooby butt :P I like the Gearscore addon so I know who has potential in their gear. It usually works for me…Anways, I’ll probably start doing 10 man Trial of the Crusader first before doing Icecrown Citadel 10 man. I always get so confused as to which ‘ToC’ is the raid or the dungeon. Especially when people put in the ‘GRAND’ in the name. I assume that ‘Grand’ means heroic mode for the raid. I had a couple of puggies doing heroics but none were too horrible. It was actually pretty boring and yet relaxing to not have to deal with horrible puggies. Yes, terrible puggies. As much as I hate wasting time in Heroics because of your lame mistakes…it’s fun to try and recover from them.

After talking to my guildie (Gardar) about my druid, I was invited to heal 25 man Trial of the Crusader on my shaman. My husband ended up tanking also. Of course, we had to get a few puggies in there because most of our ‘top guys’ were not in the raid but in a 25 man ICC run. This included Gardar! I was a little irritated at him because he was one of the raid leaders for the ToC 25 man and leaving our GM to do it. Overall, the raid went pretty well. It was the first time I cleared 25 man ToC and I won a Trophy! YAY! Although, I have no idea what piece I want first. I love my mana regen more than haste (then again, I haven’t looked at the pieces I could get). I have noticed that the better gear I get, the lower the Mana per 5 on that piece…if there is any. I know Shamans have Water Shield but I last SO much more than other healers. I rarely use my Mana Tide Totem or potions (it’s awesome!). Well, I still have no idea what piece to get but I’m pretty sure it’ll be an upgrade (not a darn sidegrade) :D

oh yea, I didn’t really take any screenshot yesterday of the raid or anything else (surprised me!) haha. When we downed the Faction Champions, this caster Shield dropped. Now before I go any further, I ‘d like to explain the loot rules of the raids (my guild’s rules anyways). Best way I can explain it is…You can have one item of each category: Main Spec, Off Spec, and Trophy. Like in my hubby’s case for example:
1) If there’s two tanks (A & B) in the raid, only (A) needs stuff, and a tank piece drops off the 1st boss. (A) rolls. Since he’s the only tank that needs stuff, he won YAY.
2) If a tank piece drops from the 2nd Boss, other plate DPS can roll on it as a ‘Main Spec Roll’ and (A) can roll on it too but it’s considered an ‘Offspec Roll’. If no one else wants it as a ‘Main Spec roll’, then he will go to him.
3) This is suppose to be so that multiple people don’t get multiple loots.

I totally agree with that, but you get people in like this Retribution paladin needing on this Caster Shield, when there was two elemental shamans in the raid. We needed healers for the raid. One of our Tanks switched to her disc priest to heal because we couldn’t find any healers (for that reason, I wouldn’t have given him the shield). So why is he rolling on this caster shield as a ‘main spec roll’? When asked about him being Retribution and do they need Caster Shield in Ventrilo, he just shouted “I won that roll fair and square so you better give me that shield”. My GM is one of “the fairest persons you’ll ever meet” (according to her words) so of course, she got a little irritated at the fact someone is accusing her of ninjaing something. She ended up giving him the shield because he did won the roll AND his ‘main spec’ is Holy and the only reason he’s here is for that shield (which he said in Raid chat after we said in Vent, you can’t call dibs on items). Blah…Drama. I remember back in WoW Classic (by the way, when they start calling it Vanilla?), People would pass on loot. “Oh I got something last week, so you can have this piece” and “I got something off the last boss, you can have this one”…I rarely see that anymore. Shoot, you even get people upset with skinning bosses! Blah…again Drama.

Before heading to bed, I got enough badges to get my Tier 9 Helm for my druid YAY! (exactly 50 badges) Of course, my computer froze when I was heading to get it. So I just went straight to bed like ‘eh screw it’. Today, we’re suppose to do attempts on the new bosses in ICC 10. I don’t know if it’s going to happen or not (again I hope not because I want to play my druid). I don’t mind going to a wipefest, but if it’s people who are not trying (like reading the boss fights for one) and are continuing making mistakes…it’s not fun. No one likes going to a Wipefest where you’re not making any progress (at least I don’t). Other than the raid tonight, I plan on doing more heroics on my druid to get my Tier 9 chest piece. Anyways, in the words of Sid The Science Kid…BRREAAAKKFAASSSST TIIIME! (Breakfast Time).



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