Midsummer Fire Festival 2011

Hello All!

The Midsummer Fire Festival begins today! I guess this means I have to take a break from leveling up my paladin who is currently level 83. Before I got a new account last year, my priest was one of the top 10 Companion collectors on Archimonde. So when I got a new account, that all went away. I’m slowly trying to collect my companions, which I’m currently at around 85. My summer classes start on Monday, so I’m super excited for those classes. I’ll be taking two classes during a 6 week term, and I’m not excited with that amount of work load I’ll probably have. On the positive side, by the end of July; there will be good news. Not saying what the news is yet, but a few already know.

One of my guildies created a new game on my guild’s Facebook page called “World of Warcraft Trivia.” As deceiving as it sounds, there’s no actual trivia behind it. What she does is running around Azeroth [while doing Archeology, I’m guessing] taking screenshots of places and things. The goal is to guess specifically. For example, you have to say “an herb called Icecap in Winterspring” or “Warsong Lumber Camp in Ashenvale” instead of just “Icecap” or “Warsong Lumber Camp”. If you win, you get one stack of trade goods: Ores, Volatiles, Herbs, Enchanting Mats. I thought it was pretty interesting.




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