Make It Count!

   I woke up kind of late this morning. I woke up around 10:30am instead of the usual 8am. I blame my son for making me sleep in but I love him for it :D Didn’t do much on WoW. I tanked Pit of Saron with my DK while Mike DPSed on his warrior. Had a priest healer just do Renew, Flash, and Prayer of Mending, and going OOM on every pull. I actually had to use Crowd Control! I haven’t used that since…well, I can’t remember besides in Raids like the Faction Champs in Trial of the Crusader? We got through it and nothing dropped for me OR Mike. 

   After we did Pit of Saron, we did a few more heroics. Ran into some interesting characters ranging from the thick-headed jerk who thinks he knows all the fights to players who just turned 80. We also ran into some people that literally wanted to test the groups limits with their remarks of “LESS QQ! MORE PEW PEW!” and pulled before our healer/tank was even ready. We didn’t get much done as far as Heroic Achievements; Mike and I were waiting on a guildie to finish his Heroic Pit of Saron. After two hours of waiting for him in Dalaran/doing dailies, we finally said “Forget it! Let’s Pug it!” Got another guildie his ‘Lodi Dodi We love the Skadi’ in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. Almost messed up on the harpoons but I picked up the slack! 
   After heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, we decided to try ‘Make it Count’ as well as doing the ‘Experienced Drake Rider’ for my shaman in Heroic Occulus. After much anticipation through many dragons that were aggroed, I got the Red Drake while Mike got the Emerald Drake and We got the achievement! YAY!!! Now, I just need Emerald Void, Amber Void, and ride a Amber Drake. Mike only needs one more achievement and is waiting for me to get mine at the same time. So two more runs of Heroic Occulus left and I get my Red Proto Drake YAY!!!

   I just left a 10 man Trial of the Crusader raid on my shaman. I’ll put it this way, we had 4 healers! I was suppose to be DPSing as Elemental but I noticed that our pally healer was almost 60% of the healing done! And When I heard in vent that one of pally tanks was switching to Holy and A DPS warrior to Tanking, so I asked the Resto Shaman in raid to go DPS while I healed. I ended up being 2nd on healing almost tied with our pally healer! Ahhh! After wiping on Icehowl because of low DPS, I figured I’d go back to Elemental. Wish I never did because people were dropping when Acidmaw went down.


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