Hello All,
My hubby and I led our first ICC 10 raid. We had a couple of guildies who were Prot Pallys that NEVER tanked it before and we got to Saurfang. We didn’t down him because we had to call it since some people had to go take care of family stuff. I also had this CRAZY idea that I am going to give up my Herbalism & Alchemy to level up Jewelcrafting & Leatherworking. Yes, mainly for the goodies that are included with these professions. I don’t use my profession to make gold. I just farm. All though…I will most likely be making some gold as I’m farming & leveling my these professions. I’m currently Skinning & Leatherworking and once LW gets high enough, I’m going Jewelcrafting. My husband has been farming some Ore for me to make the pain of leveling Jewelcrafting go smoother. Talking with Guildies in Ventrilo has really helped with the monotone of farming haha. Currently I am at 170/450…but It is getting easier to level once I’m up to level 35 mobs since (to me) the mobs are closer together. Well, I’m going to play WoW….Laters.


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