Loving the New Domain!!!

Hey Everyone, 
   I know that I haven’t updated this blog in over two months but I’ve been simply busy. The warranty on my laptop was going to expire so we took it to Geek Squad, who then sent my laptop to their service center. That was on the 1st of December and I haven’t gotten it yet. I’m hoping it get it back on Monday….but I’m wishing. Also, SherryBuckle.Com expired around that same time and I didn’t exactly want to renew it. I liked the idea of having my own domain but not really MY name out on the internet when I don’t have anything to really offer except blogging. I plan on getting SherryBuckle.Com back some time in the future (just because I like having my name haha). Until then, I have purchased Go-Farm-Yourself.Com. I chose this domain simply because I like World of Warcraft and it is the name of my guild. Not just any guild but Michael’s and My guild for all our non-raiding toons.

(Just ignore this part if you want, just a little back story)…Back in Burning Crusade in World of Warcraft, people paid in-game gold for our ‘farming talents’. It got to the point where people would use our services to sell items on the auction house rather than using the items for themselves. That’s how we got Go Farm Yourself. (ok and now back to blogging…)

We plan on one day making the guild into a raiding guild but I really doubt we’ll actually pursue it. I also like how it’s like I’m telling the world wide web to go F##k Their self….and yet, I’m not. For non-gamers, -> Urban Dictionary of Farming. When I get my laptop, I will also change my layout of this blog. I’ve also found a new hobby making ‘signatures’ for other Moms to use on forums at CafeMom.com. I’m also a member and I’ve even joined a group dedicated to making signatures or siggys called ‘Dazed by Siggies’. My main group that I love being in is ‘Cashmere Mafia’. Now I’m off to bed and maybe I’ll start making little changes tomorrow.


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