Letter to a PuG

Dear Heroic PuG,
Last night around 11:30pm EST, I was about 100 points Justice Points away from getting a new neck for my priest. I convinced my husband to do one more heroic with me before going to bed because I was SO close to getting a new neck. Even though we both dreaded the thought of possibly spending two hours in a heroic. So my husband and I queued up for a random heroic, and got Heroic Shadowfang Keep. “Oh Great!” I said sarcastically to my husband. Thoughts raced through my mind about PuGs missing interrupts and leaving before Baron Ashbury, not killing adds at Commander Springvale, not moving with the green poison with the Lord Walden fight. I’m always expecting the worst when it comes to this dungeon.
But you guys…are awesome. Best group I’ve ever had for a heroic. Interrupts were solid throughout the whole instance. Even Lord Godfrey‘s fight was a piece of cake with not having anyone to remove the curse. Even getting ‘To the Ground‘ achievement without kiting him to the courtyard to kill him! Finishing the run within an hour, no deaths, killing bosses with one attempt :D It was the perfect heroic to end my night. Thank you so much and grats to all who got loot. Not only did I get my neck piece, but I also got exhalted with Bilgewater Cartel to get my trike! Really wish to group with you guys again in the future :)
*click for larger image*


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