Less Posts? More WoW?

Hello All!
Well, sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I’ve been busy with stuff trying to organize the new guild. I may have to make it so I post every one in a while. Interviewing new recruits and seeing old friends from WoW Classic has been really hectic. I also found a couple of people that live in the same city as me! Woot! Pretty cool about that. Also receiving tells from people wanting to buy stuff from the guild bank and keeping everyone happy as far as raid schedules go. Friday, we had to kick a paladin tank because…well, he was a jerk. We kept giving him passes for the mistakes he did in ICC 10 (including wiping the raid AND making Saurfang immune to taunt). We had to call it when he ditched us on Saurfang. We were able to continue last night and we got Festergut down with a druid tank from another guild with 46k with Fort, Mark, & Kings. I believe he also had the fish feast food buff XD. I love moments like those where you doubt you’ll get anywhere because of someone being undergeared…NOPE wrong. I thought it was pretty cool. Thanks for sticking with us, Mirne.
Speaking of which…I’ve decided to give up my kitty spec (/cry) to have a bear spec. That’s right, I’m going back to tanking. I haven’t tanked a raid instance since Karazhan in Burning Crusade. I’m very excited to see how it turns out. I have most of the pieces I need, but I’ll need to redo the gems for raw stamina. Reason why I’ve decided to tank is because I have yet to meet a druid that I have interviewed that HAVE a tank spec/set. Most druids are Feral DPS/Boomkin or Resto/Boomkin. Hoping to be geared enough to tank ICC 10 by Friday. I assume I’ll be tanking ICC 10 because we have tanks that have said they’ll tank for that. I feel like an actual guild leader. It’s really nice to have admin rights to forums, Vent, and guild powers. I’ve noticed my number of random heroics go down A LOT. I’m lucky to even do my random daily. Anyways, I’m going to work on my tank set now!


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One Comment on "Less Posts? More WoW?"

  1. Sushicookie February 8, 2010 at 12:54 PM - Reply

    Don't burn yourself out!
    And Yeah, I geared for druid tanking for a while, got to I think 45k unbuffed then just went cat cuz no one needed me to tank. :

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