Laptop is Back!!!

Hey everyone!
   I’m so happy to say that I have finally gotten my laptop back from the Evil Geek Squad! Woot! They just replaced the casing and nothing else. I’m suppose to receive a new battery in like 3-5 days but I really doubt it. I’m really disappointed to say that Geek Squad is nothing but a bunch of inexperienced group of people that try to screw you over out of your warranty. Seems like my graphics card is working A LOT better, I’m actually able to maintain 20 FPS on World of Warcraft than my usual 12, I can also log onto toon at Dalaran where before I couldn’t. Everything seems ok…but who knows in the future. 

   With my laptop back, I can finally do some PvE things with Michael’s toons. I got to raid with Michael’s paladin tonight in 10 man Trial of the Crusader. I haven’t gotten to raid with that toon since Burning Crusade. We used three priests for that raid, can you say overpowered? haha Sure, it’s not as good as three druid healers…but it might as well with all the Prayer of Mendings we had going on. I didn’t get items that would boost my healing gear, but definitely my Shadow set. While soloing a 79 elite on my Frost Deathknight, I was asked to heal the weekly raid, 10 man Obsidian Sanctum on my priest. I received the unique bag that drops there.  I was going to do another run of Trial of the Crusader on my Shaman but it’s too late for another raid..instead, I’m blogging then bed. 

   I’m excited to doing random heroics with Michael tanking as I’m healing on my Shaman. Pugs have been so bad for me that it would be nice to just get my triumphs as quickly as possible with no hassle. I keep getting Halls of Lightning for the first heroic I do for the day and I am SO SICK of that place. I’m also excited to see if I could get into Icecrown Citadel on my Shaman with her gearscore being so low (above 4600). I’m kind of curious if my laptop would be able to handle the AoE used in those fights. Well, I’m off to bed now. Night!



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