Hello All!
I leveled up both my Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking high enough to get the ‘profession enchants’. Woot! I only spent about 1200g to level up both. I know that I was planning on Farming the materials myself rather than buying from the Auction House. I can definitely say that I’ve done it for Cheap XD. Everyone on my server just tells me that it would take about 3k gold JUST to level up Jewelcrafting ^_^. I sent all the items crafted by the two professions to be disenchanted to my Priest. I’m thinking about leveling my Mage’s enchanting. Although…that means I have to level her since I cannot get her enchanting to past 225. She’s only level 22 and I need to get her to level 25. Blah…I also have to start doing the Jewelcrafting Daily to get Dragon’s Eyes for my resto set :)

OH OH OH! I got to tank ICC 25 ^_^. Well, only for one boss. We got the weekly raid quest, ‘Deprogramming‘ yesterday and we needed another tank to Tank Darnavan. He’s supposed to live throughout the WHOLE fight of Lady Deathwhisper. He only has about 130K hitpoints and I didn’t want to kill him…so I just did 5 stacks of Lacerate and one Maul, then I just did Demoralizing Roar & Feral Fairie Fire through out the fight. It took me a while to figure out how he was still taking Damage. I know Feral Fairie Fire in Bear form does damage but I did not use it enough to do 20K damage. Come to find out that I had some buffs that causes damage like Fire Shield from Warlock Imps. I also had my Thorns up that even when I’m not tanking…I still have on my buff on me. It’s not very smart but It’s just a habit. It was also our first FULL Guild run yesterday :) No Pugs what so ever! I’m thinking about from now on to only accept PuGs if they know they cannot roll on Tokens for Tier gear. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve lost tokens to PuGs even though the most Pugs we have taken is four people. We’ll see how that goes. Seems like we have a number of standbys that are willing to come regardless of where we’re at. Well, I’m going to do my Jewelcrafting Daily…



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