#IntPiPoMo: Northrend Edition 4.3

[important] Patch 4.3 on Live Realms this week! –

Hello Everyone!

I just got done taking a Biology Test! I’ m actually about to leave for my math class. Hopefully, we get out early today. Please enjoy today’s edition for IntPiPoMo. Screenshots from Northrend!

Steel Gate, Howling Fjord

Valgarde, Howling Fjord

Bloodmoon Isle, Grizzly Hills

Thrym, Zul'Drak

Outside the Inventor's Library, Storm Peaks

Eisenfaust, Storm Peaks

Kirgaraak, Storm Peaks

River's Heart, Sholazar Basin

And guess what? I am done! 50 screenshots before the November 30th! I might continue to post more since it’s not the end of November :P Maybe…I’m also going to be busy the next couple of weeks as Finals are next week! I have to study! Oh snap! *runs to math class*



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2 Comments on "#IntPiPoMo: Northrend Edition 4.3"

  1. Jamin (@JaminToTheTop) November 29, 2011 at 8:35 AM - Reply

    Valgarde, Howling Fjord. My favourite one here :)

    – Jamin

  2. Effraeti November 29, 2011 at 9:49 AM - Reply

    Grats on completing all your wonderful screenshots!

    It is quite cool seeing how everyone else views the world. :)

    ~ Effy

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