Initiate Phase Two!

Hello All!

I would like to start off this post by introducing my hunter’s newest pet, Snowdrop! I was searching for pets on Petopia for my next vector project, and I happen to stubble about a ‘Purple Saber Tiger’ on their website. My favorite color is purple. I absolutely love the color. I figured it was the purrfect pet for my hunter! So I stabled my black worg from Silverpine Forest and began my hunt for my new pet! I didn’t have the flight point to Winterspring from Orgrimmar. In fact, I also didn’t even have the Flight point to Ashenvale or Felwood. So, I had to ride my 60% speed mount to Winterspring. I finally arrived at Everlook in Winterspring, and tamed one of the Pride Watchers. YAY! What to name it? I was going to name it, Pussyfoot after the black and white kitten from Looney Tunes that was adopted by a dog named Marc Anthony. Sadly enough, it said the name had been reserved T_T. I named my new pet, Padfoot after Sirius Black’s (Harry Potter’s Uncle) nickname. After I named ‘Padfoot’, I realized I didn’t like it for my new kitty. Sounds more of a boy’s name and would better suit my Black Worg. I used ‘Padfoot’ to clear my way towards another Pride Watcher, abandoned him, and then tamed a new Pride Watcher. I named her ‘Snowdrop’ since I got her in WINTERspring! :D

After taming ‘Snowdrop’, she gave me the urge to run a dungeon on my hunter. I got to run Ramparts and was pulling about 550 DPS. Not bad considering that I was going OOM half the time and in level 40 greens and blues. If you can do better on your hunter in the same circumstance, keep it to yourself! Don’t ruin my moment! haha. Maybe it’s because I get to see a purple frost saber fight so majestically that I have this sudden urge to play my hunter. I love ‘Snowdrop’ so much that I am starting to make a vector on her. Just another project to add to my WoW Vector Checklist. I need to stop adding more vectors to do till I get the ones I already have written down done. Otherwise, it will never end! Now, I guess I’ll play my hunter…muahaha! Let’s go, Snowdrop!


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