Inferno Act 2 Possible?!…

Hello All,

So now that I am officially done with Act 1, it was time to take a dip into Act 2, and I freaking hate it with a passion. It’s not that I am unable to kill the mobs. If the mobs were able to stand still and not jump/fly all over the place, I can live long enough to kill them. The Dune Thresher burrow underground and won’t surface unless you are in their melee range. Once you move out of their melee Range, they burrow back underground until   you are in range again. The Lacuni people are annoying, hands down. The Lacuni people are fast and hurt really bad. I don’t know if all the Lacuni mobs are like this, but I know the Lacuni Huntress throw Mortars and leap towards ranged classes.

Found the Treasure Room on Normal mode!

Needless to say, Act 2 is…almost frikkin’ impossible to do. You have to have a lot of patience to get through it. I’m surprised how far I have gotten into it (Hidden Footprints Part). For all those who have past Act 2 in Inferno, I congratulate you! It’s frikkin’ ridiculous. It doesn’t help that I’ve been dealing with Lagg issues for the past couple of days. I’ve done everything I can on my end and nothing works. It is especially annoying because I was not lagging a couple days ago, so why the sudden change?! Grr. Needless to say, I have been solo-farming Act 1 Inferno and then doing Act 3 Hell Mode with friends for gold. That is IF I’m not dealing with Lagg. Currently, the servers are down due to “scheduled maintenance” which is odd because it’s not Tuesday nor was there a warning/notice about the “Schedule Maintenance.”

Also my build that I stated in my previous post did not do me so well in Act 2. I had to change it from using Blizzard: Stark Winter to Arcane Orb: Tap the Source, changing my Teleport rune from Fracture to Calamity, and Electrocute: Lightning Blast to Magic Missile: Seeker. I also can’t remember which one but I had to change one of my passives to Temporal Flux. Taking away my Blizzard meant that I didn’t really have any spells to slow down my enemies. This build really helped but it’s not perfect. I just noticed I am able to survive a lot longer and kill faster with this build than my previous one. We’ll see how it goes when I’m not lagging!


 P.S – I got fingerprinted and did a TB/PDD Skin Test yesterday. It’s one of the many things I have to do to “accept” my placement in my school’s Medical Billing/Coding program. All I need now is a Drug Test (to be done Thursday/Friday) and it’s official! ^_^ So excited.


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