ICC: Plagueworks

I slept in a little bit. Instead of the usual 8:30am wakeup, I woke up around 10am. Son slept all night YAY! so I got a decent night’s sleep. I didn’t get a chance to play World of Warcraft till around 3pm in the afternoon due to talks with my mother-inlaw plus taking care of my son. I didn’t get a chance to play World of Warcraft till around 1pm. Before my husband went to the store, he was farming reg Trial of the Champion for the armor penetration trinket that drops off of Paletress. While he went to the store, I proceeded to tank on his warrior. Keep in mind, my Warrior is level 49, and I’ve always tanked as fury; My husband’s warrior is a level 80 protection warrior. I got a couple of guildies brave enough to wipe with me due to my horrible tanking. We only wiped once out of the three instance we did before my husband came back from the store. I was able to tank two groups of mobs before the 2nd boss (priestess, monks..etc). YAY ME! 

After some house cleaning, I was able to play World of Warcraft for the rest of the day. Since I was only two Oculus achievements away from my Red Proto Drake, I decided to try and do those :D My whole party got amber drakes and we proceeded with this strategy to kill Eregos

1) While doing all this, it would be best to get into vent as it does require coordination. Come up with a Time-Stop order so the drakes are not taking too much damage. Time stops should be used constantly. Kill the whelps and be sure to run away when Eregos shifts into his phase.
2) Choose one person (A) to channeled the Temporial Rift on the boss while the other party members (B) spams Shock Lance.
3) After the person (A) gets 5 shock charges, Switch to the other party members (B) channeling Temporial Rift while the person (A) blows his charges. Continue doing this switch while doing the top step.

After messing up a few times, (due to my part) we killed him with only two people dead including me. I was able to get Emerald Void but because I died just before the boss, I didn’t get credit for riding a Amber Drake in Experienced Drake Rider. My husband however only needed the Emerald Void so he was able to get his Red Proto Drake (lucky [insert word here]). 

  After a few minutes of just me being super uber mad at Blizzard and their lame achievements, I was asked by my husband to do regular Pit of Saron for a guildie. We only did two runs of that instance in hopes the last boss would drop a shield, of course it didn’t drop. After that, we did the weekly raid: Eye of Eternity with 10 men. I’ve never gotten past the 3rd phase when this raid was popular. It was my first time doing this raid and nothing dropped. It was the only thing I needed for my ‘Champion of the Frozen Wastes’ achievement. After EoE, we headed to do a 10 man raid for Icecrown Citadel. We got started late due to lack of players. We started off in the new wing of Icecrown Citadel: Plagueworks. We cleared trash up to Precious and Stinky (the Dogs guarding the bosses), which you only have to clear one to move forward and kill the boss the dog guards. They both do a Decimate that takes your health down to about 10%. They both do a debuff that the tanks will have to taunt every 5 stacks or so as it decreases healing done to them. Precious summons zombies that she eats to regain health; also when they melee, they stack a debuff that increases damage by 100 every time it stacks. AoE them down. Stinky pulses an AoE and does a decimate. After we chose to kill Precious, our Main tank got her ribbon. We went to the right towards Rotface and cleared more trash that upon sounding an alarm summons lots of gheists. I’m not going to explain the Rotface fight because I don’t have time to. The strategy I was able to read and find (and helped) was from WorldofWeirdcraft: 

Rotface is one of the two abomination bosses in the Plagueworks section of Icecrown Citadel that players need to defeat in order to unlock Professor Putricide’s laboratory and fight him there. Rotface uses ooze-based abilities.“…[Read More]

**NOTE: Tankspot has new 10 man & 25 man videos up regarding the Strategy of the three bosses in ICC: Plagueworks. You can check them out here:

Professor Putricide

After only 3 attempts on the new boss, we decided to call it as it was pushes towards Midnight. i was really disappointed but I am excited for tonight to see if we’ll down it. That’s pretty much it for World of Warcraft. I did get a new headset from OfficeMax. Comfortable and clear sound but after hours of raiding, they do hurt (what headset doesn’t?). I also excited to finally (hopefully) get my Red Proto Drake!



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  1. wow strategy guide January 8, 2010 at 8:23 PM - Reply

    I’m sure everyone is excited on this as I do. A new raid dungeon to explore Deathbringer Saurfang. But I think it will be bit hard because you need to finish Festergut in 5 minutes run so make sure along your raid group have the highest DPS.

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