ICC 10

Well I didn’t do much on World of Warcraft last night. Ran heroics for some achievements. I just need Emerald Void and the Amber drake from Experienced Drake Rider. Helped a guildie from Classic get his Red Proto Drake. Husband and I got invited to heal a 10 man Icecrown Citadel on my shaman and his paladin. I also took some screenshot for this post. I’ve only done Deathbringer Saurfang fight but last night was my first full clear of the Lowerspire. We only had 4 wipes total on bosses (2 on Marrowgar, 1 on Gunship battle, & 1 on Deathbringer Saurfang). Partially my fault since I had no idea what to do there really.  

Here’s one our our main tanks in our Fish feast. YAY Bear feast! This was just before we pulled Lady Deathwhisper. We one shot her. YAY! haha. Oh, I just remember us wiping on the pull after the boss. Apparently this same druid thought his healers were with him…which we weren’t so we wiped. Actually I’m not sure why he pulled, probably because s/he thought it would be funny to pull, but I thought it was funny :P

Same Druid but with Rocket Power! *no pun intended for those that remember the nickelodeon tv show* I keep seeing blogs with druids with the jet packs, but never while it’s firing. So here’s one for you :P I was one of the healers that had to be jumping across to the other gunshop to heal a tank till he jumped back…I died a total of three times while jumping back. I just plain suck haha. On Deathbringer Saurfang, I went elemental for the knockback. We also got one of our melee to bring his elemental shaman. I accidentally knocked back one of those blood beasts towards our mage…he died. The vent conversation went like this:

Me: “Sorry [mage]”
Mage: “sorry? sorry for what?”
Me: “I think I killed you by accidentally knocking back one of those blood beasts towards you”
Mage: “OH so THAT’S why it flew at me! Thought they had a feral charge or something” 

   haha. Of course everyone laughed and it was all good. I ended up being on the mage’s side to prevent more wipes though :P  

Here’s a screenshot of Saurfang carrying the dead body of his son, Saurfang the Younger out of Icecrown (I think).  I didn’t notice this last time but I thought it was very sad…so SCREENSHOT! After chest was opened, Husband got a two-handed axe off of that boss. Our guild keeps suggesting that he stays retribution because of all the DPS he does. I was first one to go through into the new wing. I was freaking out (of course I’ve never been here) because I didn’t know what would happen. Being the cause of most of the wipes, I didn’t want to be the cause again haha. Guess what though? FROGGER! with frost blasts! I love how Blizzard adds things like that. I wasn’t the first one in guild to die in Frogger though! yes, I took a screenshot!

   One of our hunters was the first to die. Hilarious. He just loaded up and then moved forward than BLAM! he died. Awesome. I didn’t die in this frogger. I noticed that before they blast they shoot a little bit of frost before the big blast that kills you. Don’t walk forward if you noticed the small blast. You most likely won’t make it and die. :P Going through the trash, I was trying to be observant of the mobs we were fighting and heal (which is hard to do for me). Some make clones of you which you got to kill..OH! There are mobs that do a Blight bomb…run away. It hurts. Someone in vent said ‘Blight bomb’ (but it sounded like lightbulb to some) and people died. So run away from the ‘Lightbulb’ :P Some make you into little blobs that can be dispelled. You cannot attack or cast as blog so dispelling it is nice. 

We’re doing the new bosses tonight and I’m super excited. I also want to try to do my last achievement since I can get the two in one run. Hopefully, I’ll get my red proto drake tonight…but I doubt. So much things to do and so little time. 



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