Hunter Transmog. Outfit #1

Hello Everyone!

So I’d like to introduce my first Transmogrification Outfit that I’m working on my hunter. Some of the items that inspired this outfit is from Karazhan. Back in Burning Crusade, I got my Tier 4 Demonstalker Helm, and I had such a blast with it, and I called it my bucket helm, because it really did look like my hunter was wearing a bucket on her head. I’ll also be wearing the matching Demonstalker gloves. The Beastmaw shoulderpads are also from Karazhan that drop in the Opera event. My hunter is also going to be wearing some styles that are similar to random Bind-On-Equip items such as: Wolvar Greaves, Westguard Belt, and the Wicked Chain Chestpiece. The Sunfury Phoenix Bow drops off of Prince in Karazhan. I know it doesn’t match the color scheme of my outfit, but it’s a cool bow! The cloak that I originally liked was the Shroud of the North Wind that is only available as a quest reward in one of the Death Knight Starter quests. Platinum Mesh Cloak will be a nice substitute though, and easily obtainable from Justice Points. I cannot remember what kind of pants I was wearing. Of course, my outfit wouldn’t be complete without the help of the tailor-made Dark Silk Shirt :) Currently the pieces of gear that I’m working on are the Bind-On-Equip items (Belt, Chestpiece, & Boots). I would like to get something that is similar to the brown color scheme I have going, but noticeable….



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