Hunter Love is Back!

Hello All!
I know it has been a while since I last updated my blog. I’ve been trying to level up some of my alts to 70 before Cataclysm comes out December 7th! (5 days from now!) Looks like that’s not going to happen. I got my hunter and mage past 70, but now I really doubt I’ll have time to level up the rest of my lower toons to 70 which is about 13 levels all together:
Current Levels:
Mage: 73
Hunter: 71
Paladin: 68
Shaman: 67
Warlock: 62
It also doesn’t help that I’m in love with my Hunter right now. Thank goodness too. I stopped loving my old 70 hunter around when Wrath of the Lich King came out. They changed it to where leaving Aspect of the Viper on would KILL your damage. It was also the time when they changed Pet Aggro so Ferocity/Tenacity pets couldn’t tank. Plus, I suck at kiting on a hunter so questing on my hunter was torture. I give everyone a round of applause who has leveled a hunter to 80, because I couldn’t do it without dying multiple times for 15 minutes. Now though, Hunters don’t have to carry ammo, have mana, and Pets can tank! Well, I don’t know about Ferocity Pets tanking, but I have heard stories about Pets tanking Instances so I got myself a Tenacity Pet for questing! Speaking of pets, I’ve gathered quite a few since playing my hunter:
Foxes: Miakitsune, Miao, Miaka, Miashiro
Bears: Miakuma, Miakia
Cats: Snowdrop, Cringer, BattleCat
Dogs: Lockjaw
Monkeys: Miasaru and Dankmonkey
I’ll eventually make a little informational video of all my pets and how I chose their names and such. I’m hoping to eventually tame Chromaggus from Blackwing Lair, once I get some people to run the raid with me. The current pets I use are Miakitsune (Fox) for DPS and Miakuma (Bear) for Tanking. I also carry BattleCat/Cringer and whip them out when we’re standing around in an instance because the Tank/Healer is AFK. People sometimes freak out when they see the Green Cat :D I also love that how Pets work now! Used to be that going with a Cat gave you the best DPS or a Gorilla for Tanking. Now, it doesn’t matter what Ferocity Pet you choose for DPS or Tenacity Pet for Tanking! (or at least from my perspective) :D Woot! As long as Ferocity is used for DPS and Tenacity Pets are used for Tanking. Foxes are so cute ^_^. Now different Pets just give you different Buffs that is similar to what Players give out. Yes, I’m totally loving my hunter right now and my pets ^_^
On another note, I’m thinking about making a Goblin Rogue when Cataclysm comes out. Yes, I know. I hate the Rogue Class, but it’s the ONLY class I don’t have. I don’t want to make another class I have already on the same server. I also don’t want to make an alliance Worgen when all my other toons are Horde. I also don’t want to pay the money to do a Race Change on my current toons because I love how my toons are right now. If I had the money to do a Race Change, I’d probably make my hunter a goblin based solely on the fact that my hunter is an Engineer. I’m loving how cute the female goblins look though. That’s basically it for World of Warcraft.
As for real life, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of all the food AND Pumpkin Pie. I love Pumpkin Pie. We had one of my hubby’s sisters over for Thanksgiving and I love it when she comes over :D I have my doctor’s appointment on Monday to follow up on my Surgery that happened at the end of October. I’m actually excited to hear what the doctor will say :D Plus, my doctor reminds me of Robin Williams ^_^ Sense of Humor, Face, and everything. haha.
And now…I’m off to play my Shaman.


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