Hotter than Ragnaros

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hotter Than Ragnaros

I know, I know… not really my style this, but hey! It’s not like female characters in racy armor are a rare sight.
And even though Hanuma still has nightmares from her traumatic encounter with a pair of pants – panties more like – in Hellfire Peninsula, I know that there are plenty of ladies who proudly parade through main cities in extremely sexy and highly impractical armors. Can’t say it doesn’t look good though, as a single walk through Dalaran draws more attention than epic loot.
So if you are a smokin’ hot babe, or want to dress like one, here’s some inspiration for you.
First of all I really want to thank Tay and Yalena for bravely showing off their sexy collection and thanks to Eterna for providing her MC skills to make some of our screens oh so much fun.
PS! There will be quite a few complete sets in this post.


So let’s start with Hanuma’s nightmare pants… Turns out this model is part of a set that comes in four color combinations – three are tailor made sets. First set out is the Black Mageweave and yeah, it’s probably the most famous sexy outfit in the game.Yalena is wearing the pants, top and gloves on the screenshots. If you want to spend some gold on a slightly more covered up version of the tunic, then take a trip to the Consortium quartermaster and buy a Stormspire Vest. You don’t really need a belt for this outfit but if you want to dress it up a bit try a weapon or helm; something like the Crystalfire Staff and/orSpring Circlet (for the bunny constume look) will work well. Also, for those without hooves: you might want to try Dress Shoesor some simple black boots.
Then there is Yalena’s golden outfit consisting ofElegant Leggings and Tunic. The chest armor is also a quest reward in Hellfire Peninsula. From the Elegant set you can also wear the bracers, gloves and helm if you want. The helm reminds me of Wonderwoman. 😉 However, if you want to go for a Argent Confessor Paletress lookalike, pair up your leggings and tunic with some Gossamer items (helm and belt) and Gnomish Casting Boots. Now shoulders are a little tricky as there is no white model out there. I’d suggest Gossamer shoulders. The Bonecaster’s Star off-hand is the weapon she is using and the tabard is the Argent Crusader’s Tabard.
Another lookalike is of course Whitemane, who is wearing the red model of this set: Cindercloth Vestand Pants. The helm you need for the outfit drops off the boss herself. The boots are Ashwalker’s Footwraps and the gloves are Gloves of the High Magus. I don’t really like wearing shoulders for this but you could for instance go for Crimson Silk Shoulders. And finally to complete your outfit go for the Invincible Stave.
If a purple outfit is what you desire, ask your tailor to make you a Frostweave Tunic. Then take a trip to Hellfire and grab Wanderer’s Stitched Trousers (Hanu’s nightmare). The bracers are the Crystalweave Bracers,Grips of the Void are the gloves and Windwalker’s Footwraps are the boots. Unlike the abovementioned sets you will have to work a little to get some of the items for this purple outfit, but it may be worth it if you want a unique look.

I tried to mix things up a little on my own characters by adding aTuxedo Shirt/Wound Dressing and the whiteSnowhide Hoof-Warmers to the Black Mageweave pants. The boots will however work best on Tauren and Draenei. If you actually have feet or don’t like the furry boots, you can for instance try Pilgrim’s orAstralaan Boots (the Astralaan belt works ok here too), but you will look way more dressed than intended. *laughs*

For a more custom black and red look, Elzi is wearing Ebon Filigreed DoubletDarkcrest Belt andMercurial Greaves with Black Mageweave Leggings. Once again the boots only work well on characters with hooves so replace them with Ashwalker’s Footwraps (they look amazing on Draenei and Tauren as wel). For a more golden red look you can also wear Cindercloth Pants in stead of the Black Mageweave Leggings.

Another one of Yalena’s favorites is the Eldr’naan set. And as Hanuma also has the full Eldr’naan (that she collected for kicks) you now get two models of this bubblegum meets biker chick green set that was such a common BC drop. The set consists of your usual helm, shoulders, gloves, bracers, belt, boots, pants and chest item, but it also has a bubble gum pink offhand. First of all, unless you are planning on dressing up like a dinosaur for Shattrath orphans, drop the helm. Secondly, if you really want to go all out with this outfit, get the following items: Pink Gumballs from the Ogre PinataMekgineer’s ChopperTiny Sporebat and a Light-Etched Longsword.
Lower level options are the Venomshroud andHibernal sets. They are slightly different but you won’t notice unless you are looking at the details.
Now I know that most people think this is the ugliest set in the game. This was the reason why I collected it in the first place and kept it in my bags for almost two years now. However, it has actually grown on me and I love it now. Still not convinced? Ok, then check out the Arachnidianset. In stead of green it is blue and in stead of the purple-pink, the markings are golden. There is also the purple Embrace of the Viperitem set from the Wailing caverns.
The Arachnidian and Embrace of the Viper are pretty cool sets, and good options for those who like this model but don’t want to stand out.
Mainly Mail and Plate?
Some bad news for clothies. This is pretty much the end of pure cloth sexy sets. Almost all of the super sexy gear out there is either mail or plate – most likely plate. As a mage I get that. We’re supposed to be flashy but also we’re always supposed to be elegant, well dressed and of course in robes. The same can be said for priests – holy ones at least. To me, the abovementioned gear is mainly for warlocks and perhaps the odd shadow priest. At least I’m not hiding my holier than thou attitude, eh? *laughs* So, here comes some sexy gear for the heavy armor wearers and I’ll finish this post with what I find is more than sexy enough for a proper mage and priest.

And this is where miss Tay and her allts come in. This lady has some of the hottest gear I’ve ever seen.
For instance, take a look at this very simple outfit. It consists of Bloodscale Legguards andBreastplate. The boots are Thorium Boots. It’s so hot that you don’t need anything else. You can add the Bloodscale Bracers if you want, it might make the outfit cooler. But the belt… The buckle is heart shaped. *giggles* I guess if you want a romantic detail that really breaks with the theme of this really yummy outfit, go for it. Less is more here I’d say though.

I think we’ve all seen the Blood Knight set, but I doubt you’ve seen it like this. Wear your Blood Knight’s Greaves, Gauntlets and Boots with Merciless Gladiator’s Ringmail Spaulders and Engraved Breastplate. I love this combination. The colors are amazing, it shines and it doesn’t show too much skin – apart from where it matters I guess. 😀

If you are like me and still feel the need to cover up, here are parts of Djul’s old red armor. She is wearing Glimmering Mail Legguardsand Girdle (the bracers are also super pretty) with theSun Cured Vest andBracersDreamwalker Armoralso looks amazing with this outfit.

And back to more revealing outfits! They don’t have to be super shiny. The black set here consists of  Thorium Boots, and Darkcrest Breastplate & Legguards.
Eterna, thanks for mind controlling the hot Blood Elf and dragging him all the way from Netherstorm  so we could take screenshots! 😉

Here’s one more dark set for you and again it’s very simple. The chestpiece is the Adamantite Breastplate, which also comes in other colors though I cannot remember which now. The gloves from this set are also pretty amazing. You really should get this if you can, it’s  worth it.  Ebonhold Leggingsare the pants and Revenant Greaves are the boots.
Also, if you find and wear a pair of scaly dark green pants with this…you’ll fit even better in the image below… 😉

I don’t really think I need to say anything about the outfit to the left other than that it’s Amazing! Oh yes, and it’s the Hyperion Armor and Legplates, worn withGlimmering Mail Bracers and Blood Knight Boots.
Elzi has the very same model in a different color scheme. The purple and silver set you are looking for is the Imbued Plateset. Easier to get are theBejeweled Legguards as they also are a quest reward in Un’Goro.
There is also a third version of this set in bronze colors – it’s really, really pretty – so check out Commander’s set.

The only character I have that I don’t mind dressing in racy outfits is Elzi. I think I see why now. Most of the good gear is plate or mail anyways.

But before I show you some of my fav sexy outfits, here is an unholy dk inspired outfit that I don’t quite know what to think of. The kilt is the dk Acherus Knight’s Legplatesbut that hypnotising breast-plate really is something. *giggles*
Its name is the Lofty Breastplate and according to JaneLame on wowhead comments it is avaliable in no less than four color combinations and three matching sets! If you like this, her links are at the bottom of the comment page.

My fav gear on Elzi is built around two models of chest armor and mainly one model of pant armor. The first chest item and pants are Jouster’s Chestplate which I’ve matched up with Templar LegplatesPlaguebringer’s Girdle and Sapphiron’s Scale Boots make up the rest of the outfit. If you like these pants then the Templar set bracers and belt might be something for you.

Though there probably are several colors of this chestpiece, I have only come across the copper tonedEmbossed Plate Armor. It may not be as sexy as the other breastplates in this post but I like it simple so I’ve paired it up with a Thorium BeltBuccaneer’s Pants and Engraved Boots.

And now some options for one model that again is less daring and more me. I will try to make up for the less daring part with some sexy pants, I promise! *winks*
These are all mail armors, which is good news for at least some of us. Though wowhead doesn’t show similar items, I know that there at least at three colors, but if you come across more, please let me know as I love these!

For the green Soldier’s Armor I have chosen some very simple pants – Shimmering Trousers. The belt is the Gossamer Belt and the boots are the gorgeous Emerald Sabatons. It’s not very revealing, I admit, but it is still damn sexy…perhaps in a more ‘Hanuma likes’ unusual way…
If you like green, do take a look at Soldier’s set as almost all items are very detailed and unique- especially the bracers, belt and pants. This set also looks good on male characters.

I have already shown you these purple pants before in the Tabard article where Elzi is wearing little more than pants and a purple guild tabard. Well, if you don’t have a purple guild tabard, you match your Revenant Leggings with a Felstone Chain Vest. These pants are the same model as the blue Templar Legplates and therefore the bracers and belt are just as impressive as the recommended ones above. The purple belt on the screenshot is theInfiltrator Cord and is a lower level green that is really worth keeping and it matches this top perfectly.
(By the way, the Infiltrator set is an adorable little leather set for lower level characters… 😉

Last but not least, there is the blue Nexus-Strider Breastplate. It works very well with the lighter blue Templar Legplates and the dark Engraved Saronite Legplates. But since we are talking about revealing and hot outfits I think the best combination is to pair this top up with the Warbear Woolies. The only thing I have added to the outfit is the Plaguebringer’s Girdle. If I was to add anything else I think I would go for Nexus-Strider Bracers, or perhaps for a more tribal look: Ceremonial Leather Ankleguards. These are really cool – especially on Night Elf girls.

Speaking of Night Elf girls…and short shorts…
Here are three of Djul’s short combinations:
The first one is a rather simple and quite revealing combination of Warbear Woolies and Tunic of the Nightwatcher. The Ceremonial Leather Ankleguards are perfect for this outfit. Boots  for this just seem too civilized.

#2: Add Wolf Rider’s Padded Armor and Bloodlust Boots to the Warbear Woolies.
#3 For a more rugged look: Peerless Leggings and Aboriginal Vest. (Try the whiteAncestral Tunic.)

I think it’s time to reveal what miss Tay wears during Noblegarden. You can either get the Spring Circlet or you can go for the Spring Flowers bouquet during Noblegarden. Both will put bunny ears on your character. The gorgeous purple top that tay is wearing is the Soulcloth Vest – another pattern a tailor can be proud of having (go farm KZ!). Barbaric Loincloth is the tiny tribal shorts and Husk Shard Sabatons are the boots. This is my fav sexy outfit of all time.

And don’t forget theWinter Clothes! There isn’t much you can do with those outfits as you cannot add belts to them but how about some red boots to go with your red outfit and winter hat? Try the red Bloodlust Boots or green Emerald Sabatons next time.  How about a headband? Or perhaps a red hood and cloak? Maybe even add Bloodlust Bracelets or Crimson Bracers of Gloom to your red outfit? Unless I’ve missed something, I’m pretty sure you can wear bracers on top of the winter clothes. Makes it all a little more special.

Simple Yet Sexy
I’m a firm believer that simple and not too revealing outfits can be just as sexy as the most provocative items in the game. Plus they can be worn at any level. To make it even more basic, here are some of the shirts and tops that you can easily pair up with Tuxedo Pants and a few that require leveling.

Swashbuckler’s shirts. These shirts are very simple. You don’t need to add anything to an outfit that has a Swashbuckler’s shirt in it because the cleavage it gives you is pretty much the only accessory you will ever need. :p

Warder’s Shirt from the Blood Elf hunter starter outfit.

Now three soulbound shirts with level requirements…

This blue top is in essence a Swashbuckler’s shirt without sleeves. Its name is the Azure Silk Vest and its match are the Azure Silk Pants. Though the colors are not exactly the same on the top and the pants, they do go well together and are only level 23 and 25 items. The belt on the screenshot is the Sleeper’s Cord.

Burnished Tunic is the name of this golden mail top. The reason I am writing about this model in particular is that the entire set is quite pretty and that it comes in at least two more colors: very soft pink/purple that looks amazing on Blood Elves and a soft blue that looks really nice on Night Elves. It looks good on all races really but…you know what I mean. 😉 There are several sets out there in each color, covering both lower and higher levels, but I can only remember the pink Netherstalker, which usually sells for quite a bit on the auction house, and the blue Sundered set. Trust me, these tops and sets are worth a look.

At the ‘highest’ level is a shirt that is revealing, sexy, out there and one of a kind and that is the Watcher’s Tunic. It is a quest reward in Nagrand and I have never ever seen another shirt like it. Now what really makes the Watcher’s Tunic special to me is not the cleavage and the open back, but the fact that you can change the way it looks. Yupp, you heard me. It’s the only top in the game that has sleeve which will  take on the color of whatever is underneath them – your skin tone, a shirt or even bracers. Pretty cool, eh? Plus it’s hot.

LF a Robe?

So I saved the robes for last. I won’t bug you too much with robes this time, and also there aren’t really that many that I find sexy in the simplest sense.
There is one little robe, though, that I want to mention here and that isBuccaneer’s Robes. It seems innocent enough with that pink/red colored simple kilt but the cleavage on that robe has for some years now been enough to stop any male player dead in his tracks. I’ve even started wearing shirts under it to avoid whispers… *sighs* Meaning: If you’re looking for a robe that will get you attention without being too obvious about it, Buccaneer’s Robes is your friend.

However, if attention is all you crave and being obvious doesn’t matter to you, then there are four/five robes out there with your name on them. They are acutally all one model and I like to call them Princess Leah dresses, or my nightgowns (because that is pretty much the only time I will wear them). To me this is the perfect hot gear for priests and mages. But enough talk…Here they all are! Enjoy.

Robes of Insight/Robes of the Triumvirate
Vestments of the Shifting Sands (I’m missing this one! *sighs*)
Robes of the Battleguard (Yes, I made it to Vashj’ir)
Robes of the Guardian Saint. Bracers: Runed Spell Cuffs.

Enough sexy gear for one blog? I hope so! 😉

What do you wear?

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