Holy Priest Transmog!

Hello Everyone!

So I know I have been bombarding you with screenshots of Transmog outfits in the works for my priest, BUT I know what I’m doing for her holy set. Behold the Almighty Prophecy set from Molten Core! I can imagine that a lot of priests will be using this set, but I can’t help it. When I first started playing this game, the first tier I got was the Prophecy set. I never thought I deserved gear, because I thought I was never good enough in my opinion. It didn’t help that this set came in a 40-man raid, so you had multiple healing priest competing for the set. So this Tier 1 set really does have a lot of meaning to me.  I especially love how it matches my Benediction Staff.

The Benediction staff itself (as I explained in a earlier post) has a lot of memories tied to it. I never expected to get the Benediction staff. Besides the fact that it has a sparking trail, I had numerous people practically give me the staff, when I didn’t deserve it. This is why it’s my most favorite weapon in the game, along with Anathema.

The cloak in the screenshot is… Dar’toon’s Cloak from a quest. Yesterday, after doing some researching, I wanted a solid cloak with a border that matched my prophecy set theme. After more researching, I couldn’t find a cloak! All the cloaks I wanted were quests rewards from quest I had already done, OR dropped in some Raid that I hate and not going to farm for hours, OR is part of an alliance quest. I eventually found ONE quest that I didn’t do and it rewarded Dar’toon’s cloak. *happy dance* and it was such a simple quest that I got it in-game within 5 minutes. *jumps for joy*



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