Holy Disc Priest, Batman!

Hello Everyone!

So a couple of nights ago, I respeced my offspec Shadow spec to a PvE Discipline Spec. *gasp* For those who know me, my priest has a PvE Holy Spec, a PvE Shadow Spec, and sometimes I’ll respec my PvE Holy spec to go PvP Discipline. Well after seeing about the changes in 4.3,  where Atonement is going to be 100 yards. I wanted to see how bad/good Discipline really is.

From Discipline to Holy – Back in Classic, I was shadow leveling up. When I learned that Shadow was a DPS spec, I went “oopsie” and respec’d to a Disc-Holy build. I went mostly PvE Discipline in WOTLK, and it wasn’t until Cataclysm when I switch to Holy. Why? I guess when I was gearing up, I would never figure out the “right way” to heal. By the “right way”, I mean figuring out the right spells to get through a dungeon XD I felt bad that my groups were constantly dying because of my lack of skills. Hey, I’m a good healer! Just for some reason I couldn’t get over that learning curve. I respec’d Holy, and Dungeons felt too darn easy.

The decision to change – from my PvE Holy spec to a PvE Disciple spec came from a fellow guildie who is a Discipline priest. He’s the Discipline Priest in the guild, and I am the Holy priest. I remember talking with him about my priest’s spec as we were doing heroics together. I believe I was on my hunter, and he was on his priest trying out Holy. Before I say this next part, I wanted to say that he is a great healer. He is one of our guild’s best healers. The heroics we did..didn’t turn out so good. I don’t doubt his skills for a second. I believe that the play style for him as Holy is different compared to him being Discipline.

From Shadow Offspec to Discipline – So the other day, I’m talking with my Discipline Priest friend. He mentioned how awesome I was at Holy, and he couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t stand playing as Discipline. I loved being Discipline in the previous expansions, but Cataclysm changed the play style for me. With Atonement healing, DPS to heal was kind of confusing for me. My Discipline friend has a double PvE heal spec: Holy as his offspec & Discipline as his main spec. He mentioned how you have to be Holy for the Ragnaros fight, because of all the AoE healing you have to do. I guess it’s true…I’ll let you guys know after I have tested it out, which is one of the reasons why I decided to go Discipline. I wanted to test differences between Holy and Discipline in Raids. So I respec’d.

Being Disciple as it turns out…it’s a lot of fun. I don’t need any thing from Valor/Justice points, and yet I’ve been healing Heroics as Discipline. So I can DPS and Heal at the same time :P I’ve been through a couple of runs where all I did was heal through Smite or Holy fire. I’ve also had some fights where I had to use my other healing spells, but it wasn’t so bad. The hardest part for me was putting faith into my bubbles. I don’t like seeing health bars being low. I just hate it. One of the reasons why I hate the first boss in Heroics Shadowfang Keep! I had to think back as to why I didn’t like Discipline before, because I was having SO much fun DPS healing…

Learning the right combination was a bit hard for me. I don’t even know where to begin. At first I started doing what I learned in WOTLK, put a shield on everyone and then cast Flash. Uh no. That didn’t work out. Ok, how about Shield, Penance, Prayer of Mending all on tank, and just DPS? Yep. That seems to work well so far. I’m still testing out the waters for Discipline, but that seems to work with me. If Ranged DPS is out of range of my Atonement, then I’ll put a Shield and heal them with a Greater/Flash heal. Prayer of Mending and Prayer of Healing for those parts where everyone is taking damage. I’m always casting something. Even if no one needs a heal, I’m spamming Smite/Holy Fire. The hardest part is switching between my Hostile Target to a friendly target. Of course, that just means that the default key binding (which is ‘F’) to Target of Target are going to be great friends.

Oh! I just got asked to do BoT and BWD on my priest! Awesome!



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