High School Thoughts…

Hello People,
Recently I have been thinking about how I was in High School. Did I make a ton of friends?were they really my friends? How did those people make an impact on my life? Well I guess I dont really know the answers to those questions. I mean Sure, there was SOME people that I couldn’t survive High School without them…but at the same time, I look back at how one of my favorite Cousins, Nikki for example…Dont get me wrong, I LOVE HER so much, I love her spirit and how she’s practically the opposite of me. Ever since we were little, I always wanted to BE her because she was so outgoing, pretty and confident. I think about it and I know I tried being confident…but I ended up acting like a dumb person. So now I wonder….Who am I? I know I am a wonderful mother and an amazing wife to my husband…but am I really all that great? I know I may have been ‘cute’ at times, I try to keep up with my peers as far as appearance…but it’s just too hard and not me…but I know I’m unhappy as far as appearance and who I am…

I need to work on my self-esteem…althought I will admit, my self-esteem has gone up since I became married and had a kid…so maybe I just need to stop bitching haha.



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