Heroic Gunship

Hello All!
I just am really happy about last night :) Last night, I got to talk to some friends and ended up doing ICC 10 with them. This was my first time tanking ICC with my warrior with only one death! I was the ‘gimpest‘ one there. Everyone had a gearscore of at least 5500 where I was only 4900 on my warrior. One of my friends has the Kingslayer title for downing the Lich King and I got to try Heroic Lord Marrowgar. We wiped on Lord Marrowgar but it was a really good attempt considering half of the raid never done it before. I also go to try the gunship fight in Heroic mode ^_^ A mage left after Lord Saurfang and we ended up 9 manning Festergut & Rotface before calling the raid. I was able to get my reputation with the Ashen Verdict to Friendly and got my tank ring. There was no tank gear that dropped but maybe next week. Now if I do the raid weekly tomorrow, I can get my stamina trinket from frost badges and get rid of my Violet Hold trinket.
I’m hoping to do ICC 10 tomorrow but I really doubt it. I definitely want to do it sometime this week. I have to stop trying to play my warrior and focus more on my paladin before my ‘Recruit-a-Friend’ benefits wear off. It’s a lot easier to level a toon with 300% experience than 100% haha.


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