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Well, I think I’m starting to get burnt out of healing on my druid. Actually, it’s not just my druid but healing overall in general. It wasn’t until I read Sushicookie’s post about her class shift that I realized what’s wrong. I’ve been healing for over 3 years and healed in raids back in Classic (or Vanilla as everyone else calls it). I have 4 80s and 3 of them are healers. Some healers and tanks are also being taken advantage of. I cannot tell you how many times people have called me a fail healer because of THEIR stupidity. I don’t play my Death Knight because she’s too squishy to be a tank. I’ve been trying to level up my warrior in hopes of her being my next 80 tank. Why make her a tank? I guess the reason why I’ve been reluctant to make a toon’s main spec to DPS, is because I know there’s an abundance of people who just DPS. Sadly though, in order to see endgame content, I must become a healer or tank. So I’ve been doing heroics as a kitty on my druid and I’ll just heal for raids ^_^. Hopefully, that will delay my change from my 80s to a lower level alt. If I focused on leveling an alt, I won’t be able to do raid content because I’ll have all my focus on playing that alt. I love my druid. Druids are ridiculously fun especially in PvP. I don’t plan on making any class shifts because I have already made a ‘main shift’ for only a couple of weeks. Now I understand why my husband has all these toons that don’t tank OR heal (even though his geared 80s are tanks/healers). Oh Speaking of which…

click for a larger imageMy husband has decided to come join my blog (*evil laugh*). He has decided to write a series of posts explaining roles (DPS, Healer, or Tank) in heroics and raids. He was going to write about different specs in the different classes to fulfill those roles but decided it would be easier to just write a few general posts. I’m very excited to see how it turns out and I got a little snippet of general tanking :D Doesn’t this picture of his paladin remind you of Shredder? I think so. (Photoshop!) I don’t expect him to update every so often but it’ll be nice to see what he has to say about the world…of warcraft. He also replaced one of his duel specs from Retribution to Holy on his paladin. I don’t really know why other than he’s tired getting crappy paladin healers in heroics. I’ll definitely miss that paladin DPS :(

click for larger image On another note, I was trying to use the auction house on my warrior to find companion pets for my Priest’s collection (currently 96). I’m trying to get as many pets as possible without spending too much of my real life money. I noticed A LOT of people putting companion pets that you can get from a vendor for over 100g. The Albino Snake is from a vendor in Dalaran for 50g, yet I see it up for 150g. I plan on asking some of these sellers to see if there are people who actually fall for that. I know I have fallen for some tricks like not knowing you can buy Arctic Fur from Braeg Stoutbeard for 10 Heavy Borean Leather. I had found out because I did some research on where to farm Arctic Fur. This is when I realized I could just farm leather to get the Arctic Fur (DUH!). So I wonder if people that actually buy the vendor pets from the Auction house do their research? Or perhaps getting gold is way too easy that people simply do not care to save it? I know with as much gold as my husband and I make with our 14 80’s, we always stay below 5k gold. Actually, I would say less than that because we ALWAYS find something to spend gold on. I think it’s safe to say that we’re broke. Well, I’m also thinking about changing my UI around…I’m looking for something that just makes everything smaller except my buttons.

*plays WoW*



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One Comment on "Here Kitty Kitty"

  1. Sushicookie January 29, 2010 at 1:22 PM - Reply

    Lol shredder. XD

    Ya know, I was stuck in the "i have to heal to get into raids" for 5 years. And typically I think that is true. But I'm finally in a guild that understands you can't play well if you're not happy doing something. They don't want me healing in raids cuz I'm burnt out. So I am actually on the bench till my rogue is geared better.

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