Hectically Organizing Chaos

Hello All,

So the summer school term for my husband and I is over, and I successfully completed both of my courses with straight A’s! Go me! I aced all my finals. My Survey of Human A & P final got me a little mad. Mainly because the ONE day that we actually use our book, and I didn’t bring it for an open book final. My classmates actually said “I will give you $300 for an open book final.” Really? I’m the only one passing the class, and I’m doing just fine. How about you just study? GRR. I was so pissed. Thursday, I will be buying my textbooks for the Fall term which starts on Monday. Am I excited? A little bit intimidated is more like it. Science has NEVER been my strong subject; in fact it’s probably my worst subject to deal with. I am going to assume that General Biology and Pharmacology & Physiology is going to kick my butt. My math class…I have no worry about it. I am excited about that class. I’m very excited to see how much homework I’ll be receiving in that class.

On another subject, we have moved into our new house. We’ve been here for about 9 days, and we still haven’t moved completely moved everything over. It also seems like that the longer I’m in this house, the more I love it. I just found out the other day that we live less than a 5 minute drive to a park. It looks like a decent park too, and our neighbors are really nice. I’m very excited to start a new chapter in my life with this house :) My son’s room is the only room that is in order. My and my husband’s room is still a work in progress. We installed shelves into all the rooms on Sunday, and they definitely help with storage. We may need to get rid of some clothes though.

I haven’t been playing that much WoW, which I really miss. I was able to stay awake for once past 9:30pm and stay up until about 1:00am. I did nothing, but random battlegrounds to get the rest of my PvP honor set. Now all I have left is my shoulder enchant, then I can focus on my Conquest PvP set. My husband has been leveling up my Worgen Death Knight. Yes, I know. I’m a “traitor” to the horde. I’m doing it for the pets! I refuse to spend 3,000 gold on a single pet. Let alone an Alliance pet. My Death Knight Alt is level 71, and I’m honestly very excited to play her; even though my Blood Elf Priest is my main!

My mind has been bouncing back and forth since we’ve moved into this new house. I honestly feel like if I blink, I forget who I am and what I’m doing. I’m starting school on Monday, and I feel like I didn’t get ANYTHING done. I’ve been playing with my son a lot more, teaching him new words, trying to get him to have a conversation with me, getting him to eat SOMETHING. He’s getting by with just eating French Toast, Chocolate Milk, Juice, Bananas, Chicken, French Fries, and Ham. I actually jumped with joy when he was willing to eat carrots (and ate 3 of them). Then he didn’t eat any more carrots T_T.



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