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Hello All!

I’m still sick unfortunately T_T. I really hate being sick and I think it’s ridiculous that I’ve been sick for this long. Well anyways, I’d like to start off with MY interesting start to a good WoW day. I was running Heroics as DPS on my druid with two guildies (Mage & DK tanking). I, of course, died ALOT in Drak’tharon Keep. I didn’t realized that aggro I was pulling on swipe(cat) T_T. I also didn’t realize the damage I can do with my feral set with Armor Penetration. Of course, I’ve heard I’m suppose to stack agility as a kitty, but I’m glad with my 40% armor penetration >:P. I feel so evil! Anyways, after looking at my gear…I decided to farm regular FoS for the cloak and regular ToC for the armor penetration trinket there. I had a dinky blue trinket from heroic Nexus and a pvp cloak T_T so I needed them badly…haha. Well, I ran those instances and they both dropped and I won them BOTH ^_^. On the first run! Woot! So now, my druid is getting closer to 4900 gearscore! Woot! When the Banner of Victory trinket dropped, it was very interesting…*click for the large image*

click for larger image I had a random pug warrior that wanted to ‘trade’ me gold for the trinket as in pass it to him. At first, I was thinking “eh, why not? I’m not greedy”…then I inspected his gear and he had level 80 EPIC trinkets already. Then I thought about it some more and remembered that you CAN’T trade items across realms unless it’s a BoP gear item (not recipes) or conjured items (healthstones/strudels). So how am I suppose to get my gold? When I confronted him about it, he just told to “shhh” like that’s going to work. After winning the trinket, he cussed me out and I confronted him again in party chat. That’s when I took a screenshot. What a jerk. I understand that there are some people out there that it’s hilarious to mess with them because they are totally clueless, but do you HAVE to screw them over? Especially since you KNOW you’re going to do it? No one likes to get ripped off and you’re being a hypocrite when you ninja something on the argument of “oh it’s just game loot” and then get pissed off when you get screwed over. I also understand that it’s a game but regardless of that argument, the actions you take in this game shows your character (no, not your toon). I’m talking about personality. Well, that’s the end of my rant there…hopefully.

On another rant, I left my raiding guild. I feel bad because I did make a few friends in the guild. I just couldn’t stand being in the guild when the only raids we do are 10 mans with the same 6 people who show up on time. It’s these same 6 people that have been starting raids and playing together for almost 3 years (I think it’s been that long?). Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the players in there and they are great at their class. I just couldn’t stand being in the guild where people don’t help themselves. My husband and I have tried to help guildies by tanking & healing heroics all day and we also were willing to change our specs or switch toons to benefit the raid. As well as telling them to look up stuff on WoWhead and fixing their talents, did we ever get a thank you? No…we didn’t expect them, because all we wanted was to get people active in the guild. It was seriously only 6 people who were showing up ON TIME for raids as well as making the raids. At least that’s how I saw it and felt about it.

I actually have thought about this for a while but I figured they would assume I ‘used them for progression’. I get that alot…but seriously? After thinking about it some more…why would they think that? Granted I did take gear while raiding with them…but it was only ToC and ICC where I could’ve pugged with OR they could’ve gotten pugs. Plus, I was pushing over 4800 Gearscore on my shaman and druid before I raided with them, most of the upgrades I’ve gotten were from badges. So I left…I’ll miss the good players.

Sooo…Go Farm Yourself is recruiting! XD. Yes, Go Farm Yourself will be a raiding guild (yes, MY guild). I think I’ll save that for another post. :P



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